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Just what it sounds like.
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Players race around the board, attempting to buy the rights to implement a classic halfbakery idea. More popular ideas, of course, would take the place of the more illustrious properties, with "Use Bizarre Metaphors" and "Panic PIN" replacing Boardwalk and Park Place.

Once a player purchases an idea, anyone else who lands on it has to give a certain amount of seed money (or "dough," if you have a punny bent) towards getting the idea off the ground. Owners of ideas can develop them by purchasing croissant halves. After four developments have been purchased on any given idea, the fifth purchase (the equivalent to the maximum two and a half croissants) is a whole croissant on a plate with a little sign that reads "BAKED."

Other possible additions include rent and salaries being paid in "votes" and "marked for deletion" replacing jail. I'm not sure what all the playing pieces would be, but I think they'd all be custard-related.

Tabbyclaw, Aug 11 2003


       I could have sworn we already had one of these. But I can't seem to find it. Maybe I'm confusing it with one of the othe onopolies.   

       You might want to move it to halfbakery:game.
RobertKidney, Aug 11 2003

       //if you have a punny bent//   

       Whatcha mean, "if"? Punnery is one of the five pillars of halfbaking.
beauxeault, Aug 11 2003

       ...the other four being lovely, soft goose-downey things that hold and caress your head gently to sleep each night.
DrBob, Aug 11 2003

beauxeault, Aug 11 2003

       Proposed title: "Hullaballopoly."
phundug, Nov 20 2003


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