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A customized HB themed game, just for us 1/2bakers.
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I wanted a HB themed Asteroids game, so I made one. Enjoy!


You pilot an SS Croissant lifeboat, powered by the centripetal Space Junk drive, in search of croissant survivors from the collision of the ship with a giant fishbone.....

So the story goes.... Download and play....

And make sure you have DirectX 8.0 at least....

Screen shots now available, for those who are cautious. Sorry that I couldn't get one with pirates, but I didn't have much time.

DesertFox, Mar 09 2005

Halfbakeroids http://desertfox161.tripod.com/id6.html
1.48 mb, download here [DesertFox, Mar 09 2005]

Jeff Minter aka Llamasoft http://www.llamasoft.co.uk/
Childhood hero [zen_tom, Mar 10 2005]


       Download at the link
DesertFox, Mar 09 2005

       Sorry, tried to run it on Windows XP pro, all sorts of problems. Hogged resources and never did run.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2005

       It runs fine on this old Dell Precision 610 machine: dual Xeon 500, 1 GB RAM. Crap AGP 2x video card. XP Pro w/SP 2.   

       Runs fine, but CPU Usage ran consistently at about 55%. RAM usage about 37 Meg.
half, Mar 09 2005

       UnaBubba, It works fine on every computer that I have used it one.   

       Same thing RayfordSteele.
DesertFox, Mar 09 2005

       Well, I'm getting a painful halfbakerrhoid sitting here trying to get it to work .....
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 09 2005

       [DesertFox] ! [++] Fantastic! Incredible! I unzipped on an XP machine, slopping the exe onto my desktop.
"Hmmm, Viruses?" I thought suspiciously,
"Nahh!" Then double-clicked with a flourish to be greeted with a tidy little sprightly version of asteroids. Like the pirate ship by the way, and the way the asteroids are pushed about by the bullets.

       If this is coded in Java, could you deliver it over an applet (without worrying more suspicious folk than myself) or would that make it run too slowly?
zen_tom, Mar 09 2005

       Cute idea, [LittleFox]. I'm scared to try it, but cute nevertheless.
k_sra, Mar 09 2005

       You could also do Fishbone Invaders, where the player hides behind croissant shields at the bottom of the screen, sliding left or right to shoot at the onslaught of zombie fishbone hoards advancing down from the top of the screen to overwhelm all of one's good votes.
Soterios, Mar 09 2005

       It's got custard.
half, Mar 09 2005

       Nice work [FoxyMan]! Those pirate ships are fiendish and your ship is just as impossible to control as in the original asteroids. I'm off for another go.
wagster, Mar 09 2005

       It didn't run here at work on XP, but I'm a firm believer that XP is trash. I'll give it a go at home. Big [+] for the effort, though.
contracts, Mar 09 2005

       <activates Julie Andrews singing avatar/>   

       Supercrappyfragilesystem XP is atrocious,   

       Even though the GUI is smarmy and precocious,   

       .... <avatar continues ad nauseum/>
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 10 2005

       I got it to work, but I was never much of a 'Stroids fan. How many damn times you gotta hit those bones to bust 'em, anyway?
waugsqueke, Mar 10 2005

       Is there any way you could do a small video clip link or a screen shot for those of us that don't dare download it to see [DesertFox]?   

       It's a kind of Jeff Minteresque take on asteroids - lots of sprites, parrallax starfield, crazy things going on, add in some camels, full-screen strobing effects and max-extreme bleeping and you'd might as well be back in your bedroom at home stabbing away at AOTMC or ROTMC.
zen_tom, Mar 10 2005

       UnaBubba, are you unzipping it? Try this. Go to a library and load it up on that.   

       susandonim, I'm not sure it runs on macs. Sorry.   

       Soterios, I have plans for other HB games, including Space invaders!   

       2fry's, I will post screenshots as soon as possible.   

       waugsqueke, put the difficulty on wimp and it takes only 2 or 3. Put it on insane, and it takes 30 or so for the large.   


       This is a customized version of an Asteroids game that is my project for a contest.   

       The full, non customized version has many more things to do. I plan to release a Halfbakeroids 2 eventually, which will be a customized version of the full version of the project. It will be after the contest, though, because most of my spare time goes towards working on the game.   

       And don't be scared to download. No viruses. This game was hand made.   

DesertFox, Mar 10 2005

       //Well, I'm getting a painful halfbakerrhoid sitting here trying to get it to work .....//   

       Have not even got to the game yet. I was laughing too hard.   

       So that's what those pebble like nodules are on my bottom!
blissmiss, Mar 10 2005

       I must be retarded. I don't know what to do with the croissant once it's moving. It just floats off into outer space...bye bye, croissant, bye bye! And when it's not floating off, I ram it into fishbones which split into 2 fishbones. And that's pretty much all I can do. I die after 3 seconds.
Machiavelli, Mar 10 2005

       [UB], try running it on an old piece of trash maybe?
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2005

       Machiavalli, press space to shoot. I forgot to put that in the instructions.
DesertFox, Mar 10 2005

       Aahhhh, got it. Thanks, [DF].
Machiavelli, Mar 10 2005

       No problem.   

       Incidentaly, whenever I play a game without instructions, I always press every key and see which press does what. Sometimes, it is very interesting.
DesertFox, Mar 11 2005

       k_sra pictures are now available!
DesertFox, Mar 11 2005

       She couldn't come up with blackmail money?
Worldgineer, Mar 11 2005

DesertFox, Mar 12 2005


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