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Halfbakery Poker

Grind the random button and pour consensus on it
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A small group of players get together on a LAN, and the first one on location is chosen as the dealer. Hereafter, the player to the spinward of the terminator will be the dealer, and the role will rotate throughout the rest of the group on every new hand.

Each player antes up an item of value (concrete or theoretical) to participate in the hand.

The dealer will give each player five ideas. Rather than dealing off a deck of cards, the dealer will click on the [random] button and distribute the ideas one at a time anti-spinward, until each player is "holding" five ideas.

The players then assess their ideas for structural similarity, philisophical congruency, sequencibility, emotional significance, bun/bone count, or anything else they feel could be used to make the case for their chosen grouping of two or more ideas being superior to the other players chosen groupings.

One discard and redraw is allowed, and at this point players may challenge the others to contribute additional items of value in order to remain in the game. Should a player decline to match the contribution/s, the player is ejected from that hand and their ideas go into the prize pot along with the other items of value.

Then all players, beginning with the dealer, reveal their chosen grouping of ideas and offer their rationalization for why it was chosen.

Each player votes for what they consider to be the best grouping. Players may not vote for their own grouping.

An impasse is settled by methods chosen and announced by the dealer before the hand is begun. Winner takes all.

normzone, Jul 14 2009

(??) Idea spawned by an exchange of annos on this idea. Write_20Surgery_20o...ent/addnote#addnote
[normzone, Jul 14 2009]

Slobbovia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slobbovia
Collaborative writing roleplay/Diplomacy game where results were mainly determined by who did the best job of writing about them. [DrBob, Jul 14 2009]

Hoyle died before poker was invented, but as a child I was given his rulebook... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edmond_Hoyle
...which does not explain why I am no good at gambling - I link this because I am working on an expanded ruleset for this game [normzone, Mar 21 2011]


       I rather like this. It's not dissimilar to something that I was reading about only a few minutes ago (linky).

[antes up a croissant and picks up hand from random button]

Sports Minivan
Pictures - The way they should be!
Sheep Time
The Tine Machine
spelling error generator

[briefly considers bluffing]
I fold!
DrBob, Jul 14 2009

       Well, I just pulled a hand from the [random] button:   

       Zero Gravity Road
Clown Bicycles
Climate controlled cup holders
Back Hair Mower
Trash Can Arms

       I think I'd keep the first two as a pair and dump the last two, while considering keeping the third as a similar supporter for the first two.
normzone, Jul 14 2009

       Well, now that I've seen your hand, normzone, I'm regretting my decision to fold. I reckon I could put up a good argument for my last three cards to be considered as three of a kind on the basis that 'spelling error generator' can be used to modify the title of 'The Tine Machine' and thus match up with 'Sheep Time'! (or is that a bit too obtuse?)
DrBob, Jul 14 2009

       Given the rule that we cannot vote for our own hands, it's a stalemate. We need a third player, who would at least have to choose your hand or mine.   

       Yeah, I think your questionable logic but clearcut count of three at least matches my strong logical case but only a count of two with a related third.
normzone, Jul 14 2009

       [slowly & monotonously taps table whilst waiting for third player]
DrBob, Jul 14 2009

       [Lowers Tilley hat brim to touch sunglasses, bites tongue in futile effort to mask silly grin]
normzone, Jul 14 2009

       Bakery games are rarely played and fun to consider. This is a better one, however completely arbitrary the ruling system is. The voting system is going to suck. People will vote for the worst hands just to give the best hands less weight. I think the dealer should probably just go ahead and decide, based on everyone's (hopefully) logical self defense. Judge, jury, and dealer.   

       A great correlation would be finding ideas with the same person annoing on them. Also, same category, sub, and sub-sub categories (is that how you say it?). These are quantitative and easier to judge. Also, same date. Same date pairs would outweigh same category pairs, which would outweigh same annoer pair. Triples beat pairs. Also, same author is the best. And, all moderator ideas count as 'joker's. etc. etc. +   

       Oh, why not. I got an ounce of respect for the pot.   

       black hole vacuum cleaner
shocking bottle opener
Periodic table of the Halfbakers
Bubbahemian œRhapsody (in dough)

       Well, the first three are household items and the last two are heavy bread winning bakery fodder. I'm going to rally for a full house here.. feel pretty good about it actually.. [lowers sunglasses, rubs lucky croissant]
daseva, Jul 14 2009

       Truly a halfbaked, ill conceived, not very well appropriated, silly, sort of idea. Yay+
blissmiss, Jul 14 2009


       As the putative dealer, I'm going to accept [daseva]'s advice and appoint myself the judge.   

       I threw my [Low Budget Spacecraft] idea into the pot as my ante. I'm gonna miss it.   

       I'll overrule [Dr. Bob]'s decision to fold, although I don't yet know what he's going to put up for his ante for this first round. (edit/edit) I think he'll be willing to forfeit his croissant.   

       [Daseva]'s full house beats me and Bob, so the booty's all his, as well as the next deal and arbitrary rule arrangement.
normzone, Jul 14 2009

       Then it's your deal. [daseva] loses his deal via the time lapse rule. Name your game.
normzone, Jul 15 2009

       Like it. But I think the "chips" should be coveted croissants. People could "buy in" with the amount of buns on their top 10 HB past ideas, and to "rebuy", you would have to post a good new idea and wait for more buns.
paix120, Jul 15 2009

       So is this a new hand? I got:   

       1-cavepainting robots
2-TakeOutEatIn Restaurant
3-Perfect Anti-Virus
4-ai sexual device
5-Fluted Cleaning Wipers

       3&5 both have +1/-1 so I'll call that a pair.
1&4 are both remotely operated robotic devices.
2 has the highest number of buns... can't decide whether to keep it as my "kicker" or discard....

       Looks like I've got 2 pair with a 21-bun kicker.   

       (and I appear to be having issues getting my anno to display with proper line breaks after several edits.)
paix120, Jul 15 2009

       So, did I lose the deal? I covet the win.. it was a pretty good hand, to be sure, and the game might not be stopping soon. Only time will tell..
daseva, Jul 15 2009

       I'm in, but I'm only staking my Third Life idea as I ain't confident. I got:   

       Disco Vibro
Safety button
ball opener
sinus removal surgery
Mailbox bank tube

       It's a poor mixed bag, with only the sex toy and the bottle opener appearing in the same (broad) category (ie Product). No high-bun kicker. I do, however have two from 2001, which is pretty decent. (Due to the hyperbolic increase in halfbaking activity over the last decade, the older ideas should hold more weight, there being fewer).   

       I'll stick with Ball opener and sinus removal surgery (2001) and twist the rest (can you twist more than one? If not, I'm dead in the water)   


       [paix120], you have to write < br> (without the space) after each line to make a line break.
theleopard, Jul 15 2009

       Well, I'll just right that first croissant off to experience [notes one croissant owed to daseva]. I'm in for the new hand and I'll ante up with a prospective entry for the Bulwer-Lytton prize...

[examines hand in consternation]
fission matter assembler
Permanent Dieting Aid
Light Sabre Technics
Touchpad Lid
End it all Helmet

Ah, well I think my last card has bailed me out of trouble a bit here as it is clearly an alternative solution to the same problem addressed by Permananet Dieting Aid and, as a protective covering (well alright, not that protective) matches well with the Touchpad Lid.

Categories doesn't help me much here as, although I have pairs for 'Science' and 'Product', none are from the same sub-category so that makes them two rather weak pairs I feel.

Hmm! Votes doesn't help me much at all...ooh, except that they all have an even number of total votes [starts taking this waaaay too seriously] and...ooh! ooh! the total number of links plus annos is also even for each idea!

[Casually tosses one awful pun into the pot]
I'll raise!
DrBob, Jul 15 2009

       For those of you who don't like the poker format you can spin the fruit machine of churn that this idea will result in. Ooooh, look! recent3 has two 2004, and a 2001, so close!
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       [theleopard] - hmmm, I don't remember having to use html before. and double-line break works. oh well. I'll edit with your advice. Thanks!
paix120, Jul 15 2009

Cheese Annealer
Toilet Tank Refill Delay
Pirate Sorrrority(sic)

       Do I win anything ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       [FlyingToaster], you gotta build your own argument! haha... That's gonna cost you. The winner is [DrBob], mostly due to his completely insanly observant emphasis upon even and odd numbers of annotations and buns. I'm sure you see hidden messages in newspapers, too [DrBob]? Deals to you!
daseva, Jul 15 2009

       looks like I have the frat-boys friday night flush.... should be equivalent to 3 of a kind.
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       I didn't see what you meant at first but... what a hand! Nice characterization.
daseva, Jul 15 2009

       It shouldn't be difficult to assemble a script to put together a "hand". I checked to see if it's possible to use views to do this but I don't think so.
tatterdemalion, Jul 15 2009

       ah but I'm missing the all-important alcohol-related post to make it royal... dang, let's redraw one and see...   


       Allergycard.com - can I eat it ?
Dropped Food Safety Estimator - should I eat it ?
Cheese Annealer - food from crumbs
Carni-Food - meat that looks like veggies
Toilet Tank Refill Delay - finishing the process in a socially responsible manner
[daseva] you spoke too soon; read'em and weep.

       MY DEAL:   

       5 POST,
1x 2POST or 2x 1POST DRAWS
FlyingToaster, Jul 15 2009

       save the animals ~ bluto 2003.
Car Wheels That Go Sideways ~ Problemsolver 2004.
Ozone Layer Fixer ~ dekoi 2001
Compulsory demeaning trading names ~ morisson_rm 2004
Horizontal wheel bicycle ~ pashute 2008

       I was going for a straight (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) I got a pair of 2004's or a pair of wheels or a pair of no-votes. <bluff> Call. </bluff>
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       Need I ask who the Jokers are? Or has it already been decided, and I just can't find it.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2009

       Can I propose that year of post be number, and number of buns/bones be suit? So we are looking at ten numbers (1999 - 2009) and 14 suits. (3.5 thru -3.5, measured in .5) Statistical abhorations can be skewed by the fact that if you draw the same poster twice it is a joker, counting for either suit or number. Drawing all the same poster will, of course, be the second highest hand. The highest being the same poster with incremental years.   

       We could of course add category, but the permutations become even more rediculous. Or maybe we can cut off category at first, or second, sub-category?
4whom, Jul 15 2009

       Hmmm, I don't think that you've quite grasped the concept, FlyingToaster. Declaring yourself the winner is verboten. You have to put up a convincing argument that will persuade everyone else or, as things seem to have developed, the dealer (who hasn't done much actual dealing thus far) that you are the winner

Thanks for passing me the deal, daseva! What do you mean 'hidden messages'? I thought that everyone could see them!

[Looks around table and notices with some distaste that 4whom, FlyingToaster and paix120 all seem to have conveniently forgotten about the concept of putting up a stake so returns theleopard's Third Life idea to it's owner]

We'll call that one a practice hand shall we!

OK ladies & gents, who's in? Basic five card stud with m-f-d'd ideas wild! No cheapskates, card sharks or travelling salesmen allowed!

Afterthought: I think the 'random' button should be renamed 'the shoe'!
DrBob, Jul 16 2009

       Having to make the case for the superiority of your hand is the aspect of this that I think is most novel. Whether it's halfbakery ideas or whatever element is being used, the fact that the levels are somewhat vague and indeterminate is very interesting. It could make for some great arguments over a high stakes game.
tatterdemalion, Jul 16 2009

       oh get real, I'm the clear winner (with the possible exception of [normzone]'s first hand) and I still don't get betting.
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2009

       + I'm not the gambling type, or rather, I never win when I gamble!! but I like this +
xandram, Jul 16 2009

       I'm in <throws Suspension Bar into the pot (a 1.5 croissant bet)>   

       UV Fluorescent HUD
Inside and Outside Car Smell Comparator
Meter Maid
collaborative web fiction
Landfill Air Freshener

       Nothing obvious at first, BUT, other than collaborative web fiction, all the rest have been voted on to zero croissants. There are many unvoted ideas that (naturally) are zero, but these have all had registered votes going either way in equal value. So I'm going four- of-a-kind>equal votes with a 40+ kicker.   

       <stone-faced glare>
theleopard, Jul 16 2009

       Has anyone even began to think of the consequences of "Vagina Jam" appearing? Or has it?
blissmiss, Jul 16 2009

       {Starts taking his clothes off
... puts them back on again}
Dub, Jul 16 2009

       {steals one of [Dub]'s socks for a puppet, resumes play}   

       Bombing Range for Civilians
Custard Foam
Disaster-Cam Network
Scoubidou Spaghetti
Quintuplid Feedback Car

       What do I get for a flush of embarrassment?   

       {makes rude face with sock puppet, folds}
pertinax, Jul 20 2009

       {feeling a little cold}
{Hopes [pertinax] washes his hands afterwards}
Dub, Jul 20 2009

       four- of-a-kind>equal votes with a 40+ kicker.   

       <stone-faced glare> — theleopard, Jul 16 2009   


       Well, more than six years later, I'm going to respond to [theleopard]'s stone faced glare.   

       I've tried a variety of facial expressions on him, and nothing, I repeat nothing, induced any reaction. He has it down pat.   

       So I put my hand on the table:   

       Starfish Food Disposal - 2 buns, March 2007 Spinal Cord Signal Intercept Passthrough - 6 buns, May 2001 Scrotum Friendly Chair - 2 buns, August 2013 Load Capacity Determining Toilet - 10 buns, December 2005 Floatless pump controller - No buns, July 2013   

       Ah hell. Three ideas that begin with " S ".   

       Who shuffled these things anyway ?   

       (2017 edit - I fold under [theleopard]'s stone faced glare and push my chips across the virtual table.
normzone, Feb 29 2016

       This place is far too quiet - does anybody have any ideas on how to get the youth of today involved in the Halfbakery ? Young people - they're the future.   

       While we wait for response, I'll deal. Five ideas to me:   

       Cereal Bag, by [fuegoman69], 2001, Food: Cereal: Packaging - it's about ziplock closures for cereal bags to prevent it getting stale   

       Nature Clock, by [youngpatriot], 2009, Product: Clock - it's about a clock that adjusts itself so lunch is always in the middle of the day regardless of how long or short the day is over the course of the season   

       Integrated Epaper Ammo Counter, by [mofosyne], 2013, Product: Design - your gun tells you it's ammo status count via epaper   

       Computer Vine, by [Tem42], 2010, Computer: Modular - Everything connects via one multiplex cable   

       Murder of Crows Retail Assistants, by [LACforshizzle], 2010, Business: General - Train crows to run retail establishments   

       Okay, I'm presenting this mess as three ideas about time (time makes cereal stale, time distorted for adjustment to seasonal change, and guns in use go empty over time.   

       The other pair is useless, but I'm waving them about and hoping no one looks too closely as I put my bid, a recruiting program for young halfbakers, on the table.
normzone, Sep 07 2017


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