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Halfbakers' resurrection

In a future century...
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The day may come when an unforseen catastrophe, perhaps based on our interpersonal dynamics, will bring this place to an end. Maybe we'll all get stuck on annotating and stop posting new ideas or we'll just find each other so annoying that we'll all just leave, or another internet phenomenon will come along and assimilate us all. However, this place will have been archived, if not here then on the Web Archive or maybe somewhere else. Once that has happened, our interactions and behaviour will be fossilised.

Imagine, then, some kind of software which can trawl through all our stuff and recreate us as users, interacting realistically as we would ourselves. Long after we are all dead, a new Halfbakery will arise which consists of resurrected versions of us all, posting new ideas, arguing, discussing and so forth, maybe for millenia to come. In the meantime, our "real" selves are long gone.

Then, the question arises of who the real 'Bakers are. Each of us will live up to about a century, but these 'Bakers will go on and on for many times the length of our lives. I would contend that these are the real Halfbakers and we are merely the zygotes, soon to be forgotten, prefiguring our future resurrected versions.

In fact, i wonder if it's possible even now to analyse our behaviour on here to the extent that we could be simulated, and if that's who [beanangel] is.

nineteenthly, Jun 07 2011

Boltzmann's Paradox http://blogs.discov...ns-anthropic-brain/
It's almost certain that this has been linked to by a computer program rather than by the "real" [nineteenthly]. [nineteenthly, Jun 07 2011]

Beta Version of the FarmerJohn Algorythm Times_20and_20Seasons
[RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011]

I thought this had already been implemented... EZBakery
But in the best way possible. [theleopard, Jun 09 2011]


       There isn't sufficient stuff here to simulate me.
neelandan, Jun 07 2011

       There isn't sufficient stuff here to simulate me.
rcarty, Jun 07 2011

       there isn't
po, Jun 07 2011

       I could be replaced with a short script.
Voice, Jun 07 2011

       Baked in many many SF stories: intelligence as an algorithm.   

       And zombies.   

       And "Let's have a chat with a famous person who's been dead for a few hundred years" TV programs.   

       Predictable by design.
FlyingToaster, Jun 07 2011

       Well, as i said, i probably could do with a break, but if i have one, how do i know everyone won't have one, and then...
nineteenthly, Jun 07 2011

       I think you're making a big assumption that this hasn't already happened
hippo, Jun 07 2011

       I think you're making a big assumption he hasn't already said that.
rcarty, Jun 07 2011

       I could have predicted that that's what you would say.
DrBob, Jun 07 2011

       I'm just pretending it hasn't, [hippo]. In fact, i took a break several years ago and never returned.
nineteenthly, Jun 07 2011

       Never mind Boltzmann; isn't this idea from classical paganism by way of Nietzsche? In which case, which of us is actually a futuristic simulation of Lucretius?
pertinax, Jun 07 2011

       "And how do zombies make you feel?"
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011

       Yes, there are indeed many precedents in that sense but the interaction on here is of an unusually high quality which is more likely to lead to a convincing set of bots compared to many other sites.
nineteenthly, Jun 07 2011

       Hello all me again custard. Haha wacky idea here buns form me and I'd like it noted I am not a computer totally flesh haha I love feeling emotion and my corporeal frameee e eee eeeeee eeeeeeeee<FORCE STOP "nmf_REBIRTH.exe" - unscripted error>
notmarkflynn, Jun 07 2011

       // a convincing set of bots //   

       <Taxi Driver>   

       "You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Then who the hell else are you talking... you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here. "   

       </Taxi Driver> >
>echo on
8th of 7, Jun 07 2011

       Breaks are good, and healthy, and full of change. I miss many people from here, but some remain in contact, in other forums and forms. A break is needed when you feel like you need one. I have found. (love you 19thly.)
blissmiss, Jun 07 2011

       Hi [notmarkflynn]! I saw your name on facebook the other day and chuckled! I don't really *do* facebook, but there you were!! Nice to see you here!
xandram, Jun 07 2011

       I thought this idea was going to be about halfbakery after the gotterdammerung. Thus I read the phrase interpersonal dynamics and thought it was a synonym for war. After having read the rest of the idea I bunned and still think it is the best phrase to mean war.
zeno, Jun 07 2011

       // gotterdammerung //   

       Sp. "Götterdämmerung"
8th of 7, Jun 07 2011

       We don't have those sissy little dots in mah language, son. Must be one of them liberal commie French conspiracies.
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2011

       Bruce Sterling invented a word for this: "Fading." Old Mechanists* never die, they just fade away.   

       *Mechanists were people who became so tightly integrated with their personal technology that, when the organic part died, their automated systems (stock-picking, birthday-card sending, bill- paying, email answering, etc.) kept right on going for years, with only a very subtle lack of initiative and creativity to mark the change.
mouseposture, Jun 08 2011

       Baked. I have not come back but have been trawled by computer and resurrected.
goff, Jun 08 2011

       I like this, but could really like it without the res part.
bungston, Jun 08 2011

       I knew that was not you, [goff], you would never come back.
blissmiss, Jun 09 2011

       //the interaction on here is of an unusually high quality which is more likely to lead to a convincing set of bots//   

       lucretius99@bakery% \b Quomodo sequitur? \b \n
pertinax, Jun 09 2011


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