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Halfbakery Consulting

Halfbakers consult on projects for other halfbakers
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It seems to me that apart from being haflbakers, most bakers are very competent in other areas of public life, for example I just realised that thumbwax seems extremely competent in the area of kitchen cabinets, and I am in need of someone who is an expert in that area. Geographic locations notwithstanding, there are often issues that fellow halfbakers could help to solve for other bakers. How can we establish some sort of clearinghouse where we can indicate our competencies, and allow other bakers to contact us in their hours of needs? edit...such contact does not necessarily imply bugging/annoying other bakers, I am thinking about paid consultancy, the terms to be negotiated between the respective parties
senatorjam, Nov 03 2002

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       what I don't know about headlice is not worth knowing.
po, Nov 03 2002

       well, I just sent thumb an e-mail, so I guess thats one way of doing it, however, how do you know the competencies, unless you come across them by the way?
senatorjam, Nov 03 2002

       Competent incompetance.
phoenix, Nov 03 2002

       does anyone still play "brag"
po, Nov 03 2002

       I'll head up the edible sock department.   

       Actually, this is an idea I'd like to see implemented.
jackoutofthebox, Nov 03 2002

       well, there you go! ask someone sensible next time.
po, Nov 03 2002

       I can sit around and just think about stuff without actually producing anything. Any takers?
half, Nov 03 2002

       Wow, [half] that's my forte too!!
jackoutofthebox, Nov 03 2002

       There isn't much knowing about headlice, or is there? The scary thing is, UnaBubba's comment made sense to me...
RayfordSteele, Nov 03 2002

       Waug...I think you might have missed the point, this is not an attempt to force bakers to reveal their identities and skills. It instead supposes that there are bakers who are willing to reveal their skills,and other bakers who might be in need of these skills.   

       However, maybe what the Idea should be is for an area for halfbakers to post their needs, and if there are other bakers interested, then they may respond. For example, I am also looking for an advisor on a wireless ISP project I am involved in...
senatorjam, Nov 03 2002

       My mindset is this: What's the point of showing up at the potluck without bringing your own food-for-thought to share? Be charitable with words of experience - mistakes included.
thumbwax, Nov 04 2002

       It's remarkable how many people still ignore the value of the occasional odd idea (or idea person). There's rarely the need to benchpress your own weight but it doesn't justify ridiculing people who do push-ups. Cabinet-making aside, there definitely seems to be a 'next step' to the think-tank Halfbakery has put together.
disny, Feb 12 2004

       All this about competence and competention! It's not a contest! Can't we all just work togetherly?
bungston, Feb 12 2004

       I like the idea of billing for my Halfbakery hours. If we could find someone to pay us a reasonable rate, with all the time we put in, we could buy something....beer, or custard, or a home in Southern California.
normzone, Feb 12 2004


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