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HB-CO connector

Automatic registration of all HB ideas with the Copyright Office
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Wire the HB directly to the Copyright office. At US$35 a pop and an average of 60 ideas, we're looking at $2100 a week - a snip to protect our valuable brainfarts don't you think?

The US CO's average processing time is 3 months! I'm going to suggest they replace their current system with my aging Acer laptop which will turn around these requests in...well it feels like it takes about 48 hours to do much of anything on that piece of crap

oscil8, May 26 2012

Copyright Protection Copyright_20Protection
This one suggested setting up the HB as an actual patent/copyright office I think - is there such a thing as a third party having this level of authority? [oscil8, May 26 2012]


       Ive had a shaman place a curse on all my ideas for that eventuality.
rcarty, May 26 2012

       This assumes everyone lives in the US
hippo, May 26 2012

       That is a very common assumption amongst US citizens. As far as we're concerned, other countries are either vast manufacturing districts, very realistic theme parks, or just places where people who can't speak English real good are sent as a form of punishment.
Alterother, May 26 2012

       On the other hand it could be argued that it isn't a bad idea to register your good idea with a US copyright, in addition to any patents you may seek elsewhere; we are a major market. I don't know the condition of EU intellectual property law, but if it is in a similar state to the current situation re. patents, a US copyright is also an exceptional relative value.
WcW, May 26 2012


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