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halfbakery IPO

Move over Idealab!
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Well, this may just be some of my latent yuppie materialism rearing it's ugly regan-centric head (which seems to be happening lately, for whatever reasons) but read on.

halfbakery currenty embodies and esposues a "free range thinktank" based on community and rapid meme prototyping (ideas get posted and get commented on immediately).

Commercial ventures like Idealab! are the same sort of thing, albeit working under a closed model with the end of creating companies, usually in the often-abused area of "internet marketspace" which spin off from Idealab! into separate entities (for insulation reasons and also to maximize/minimize returns/losses).

So why can't halfbakery cash in too? There are similar community models, like SourceXchange and what not, but they're inherently more corporate. I'd propose to run halfbakery much as it is now, with the only modification that ideas can be purchased/licensed/bought from the poters and contributors using electronic contracts (yes, this ties into all my work with erights and "DC-nets", mab knows what I'm talking about, I'm sure ;] ).

I'm planning to propose a prototype system that would enbale this kind of thing, plus more at EFCE2K (http://www.efce.net), seeing as how I've hit on it here more than once. I'll let everyone here know as well what's going on when I work out the details with my employer.

dnm, Apr 09 2000

(???) fuckedcompany.com coverage of idealab!(sm) http://www.fuckedco....cfm?search=idealab
Sobering. [jutta, Apr 09 2000]


       Purchase ideas from the posters? Na... You can contact the poster if you need to hire his brain in the line of a certain idea. Better see this as a huge advertising space for creative brains.   

rrr, Aug 04 2000

       seeing the recent Facebook IPO, there might be something in this old idea..
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012

       //enbale// My favourite quasi-word of the day.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 19 2012

       I po.
po, May 19 2012

       Hmm, are we going to do the share allocations by -   

       1) Most intelligent posts, and constructive annotations to other's ideas   

       2) Largest number of fish names in any post to date..   

       I vote option 2
not_morrison_rm, May 19 2012


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