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Halfbakery + Digg and a Oven to bake.

Halfbakery + Digg and a Oven to bake.
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Partner with guys at Halfbakery and create a clone. But everytime someone adds a croissant they also pledge time or money (or both) to bake the idea. By the time the idea bubble up to the front page, you have enough resource signed up to bake the idea.

Maybe this could be the first idea to bake this way. Do comment if this will work. If not. why not ?

my2cents, Apr 21 2008

Digg http://digg.com/about
How digg works [my2cents, Apr 21 2008]

www.ideacradle.com, ca 2006 http://web.archive....www.ideacradle.com/
[jutta, Apr 21 2008]

joydevivre.org http://www.joydevivre.org/
pledge money to industrial design ideas; if enough people pledge, it gets made. [jutta, May 14 2009]

(?) kickstart.com http://www.kickstart.com/
Classic pledging interface. Projects ask for money; you pick how much you pledge. and get some sort of gift/connection with the artist. [jutta, May 14 2009]

Kickstarter.com http://www.kickstarter.com
The other links are archived and some not even that [pashute, May 16 2011]


       I can't think of many ideas which would benefit from 5 minutes each from 1000 people. You need a few people to donate a lot of time not many people to donate a tiny bit.
vincevincevince, Apr 21 2008

       also, some ideas here should not, or could not, be baked.   

       i like the "donate" concept, and think it should be applied to more deserving ideas. To raise enough money, I think it should only debit peoples' paypal accounts when some minimum number of people have offered to contribute, so the minimum amount of funding offered, if any, would be substantial. [+]
sninctown, Apr 21 2008

       // Partner with guys at Halfbakery
Good luck with that.
jutta, Apr 21 2008

       Heh! You don't think the guys at the HB will buy in to this then, Jutta!
gnomethang, Apr 21 2008

       [Jutta]Was that refering to 'guys' or that you wouldn't entertain the idea?   

       I thought the point of a clone was that you didn't need a partner.
marklar, Apr 21 2008

       Maybe it's the "s" that's the problem.
DrCurry, Apr 21 2008

       /Partner with guys at Halfbakery/
Make an appropriate phrase out of the following two words:


       That said, [+]
david_scothern, Apr 22 2008

       I already consider myself partnered with the guys at Halfbakery, guys not being the guys who write stuff, but the vast number of spooky defense engineers, political scientists, evolutionary theorists and such who lurk on these pages seeking grist for their respective mills. I submit my ideas in the same manner that one might leave a lovely baby at the doorstep of a wealthy family. The family then raises the baby to successful adulthood, at which point he seeks out his real father, they fight with lightsabers, he loses a hand, masters the force, and eventually turns his father from good to evil just in time to defeat the Emperor, except that his dad lives to rule the pleasure planet Erogiturn, and I am still only a little evil.
bungston, Apr 22 2008

       What you said.
normzone, May 14 2009


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