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Halfbakery Hosting Inc.

Leverage the Halfbakery
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All Jutta's long lonely nights of C/CGI programming have resulted in a smooth, easy-to-use online dicussion forum. All this carefully built infrastructure could now be reused by other people who want their own online discussion forums (Pedant Watch: "fora"). Two levels of service could be offered - simple "HalfBakery in a Box"; Add your own 'about' text and graphics and run it on your own webserver - or full-scale hosting on the HalfBakery server farm

Proceeds from this venture will support Jutta's hedonistic lifestyle.
hippo, Mar 05 2001

Archimedes' Lever http://www.halfbake...chimedes_27_20Lever
If Halfbakery Hosting were available at minimal cost for non-profit sites, I'd get more serious about baking A. L. [beauxeault, Mar 05 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A discussion forum hosting company http://www.intelligentorgs.com/welcome.io
These people hosted the forum for a UK dot.com to entertain consumers who received a copy of their product that at the time had no existing application. During the course of the board uses finally appeared but it was clear the hosts were not connected with the dot.com developers. [Aristotle, Mar 05 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       Could be sold to corporations for their intranets.
Aristotle, Mar 05 2001

       I have difficulty reconciling the phrases 'long, lonely <note the comma> nights' and 'hedonistic lifestyle'. You should get out more, hippo.
DrBob, Mar 05 2001

       <speculation>Long, lonely (Comma pedant!) nights of programming would still leave the days free for hedonism.</speculation>
hippo, Mar 05 2001

       Might look great in honeydew green! I vote +.
reensure, Mar 05 2001

       So you're suggesting Jutta do a pile of additional work to generalize and host this service, and in exchange reap the fabulous rewards of a profitable content hosting service?   

       The problem is that specialized content hosting doesn't seem to be very profitable. Banner ads don't even pay the bills, and if it costs money nobody will use it. Besides, Jutta already has a job; I'm not sure this one would be more fun (and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be more lucrative).   

       If you want to encourage bakespersonly hedonism, a PayPal donation button might be a better way to go. (Or, just buy a T-shirt. Some portion of the proceeds presumably support those wild parties. Plus, you get a nice T-shirt.)
egnor, Mar 05 2001, last modified Mar 07 2001

       You might have a manly chest, UnaBubba, but mine's beginning to look alarmingly like a woman's these days.
hippo, the day's very probably are free for hedonism, but I doubt if jutta would be able to enjoy it very much after having to look after us lot all night*. I mean, just look at the shameless self-publicists in the links section. I suggest just sending money. I'm sure she'll find a way of spending it.

*assuming mortal stamina levels.
DrBob, Mar 05 2001

       At the risk of looking like an apostrophe pedant, "day's" in your annotation doesn't need an apostrophe. :-)
hippo, Mar 06 2001

DrBob, Mar 06 2001

       UnaBubba - I think you'll find that the money needed to set up a generic halfbakery-style forum service would be spent on legal fees to write contracts (amongst other things), programmer time to genericise the content and a licensing fee to buy the rights ro do this from jutta. You probably ought to go for a "forum in a box" that could be used on any hosting service, even a free one. This way you get cash every time someone sets one up, whether their discussion subject takes off or not.
Aristotle, Mar 07 2001


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