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Halfbakery Lunch - Australia

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I've been halfbaking for several years, yet never actually met a fellow baker. So I've decided it's time to put faces to the names I've come to know and respect (and to dispel the rumour that all halfbakers are in fact [UnaBubba]).

I'm organising a small get-together in Sydney on Saturday 12 August.

On the advice of benfrost, I've changed the location:


Where: Shakespeare Hotel
200 Devonshire Street
Surry Hills

When: Saturday 12 August 12:30pm

What: drinks etc. may progress onto a lunch.

So if you're interested, send me an email and we'll work it out from there (email address on my account page).

xaviergisz, Jul 31 2006

Shakespeare Hotel http://www.sydneypu...bs/Shakespeare.aspx
[xaviergisz, Aug 02 2006]

photos of me http://usera.imagec.../xaviergisz/photos/
so you know who to look for [xaviergisz, Aug 02 2006]

Yin-Yang Fishbone-Croissant Yin-Yang_20Fishbone-Croissant
to help with identification of halfbakers [xaviergisz, Aug 11 2006]

me http://web.mac.com/...trouser%20suit.html
me in my new suit [xenzag, Aug 12 2006]

baking lunch photo http://www.flickr.c...os/neilp/215855606/
here we go - it happened and it was much fun. [neilp, Aug 15 2006]


       $70 for lunch with bubba is a bit steep. Cause he is the only baker.   

       I know cause I'm him, his, it's, their's, whatever.
blissmiss, Jul 31 2006

       $70 AU = 56¢ US, or something like that.   

       I'll be there! Oh, wait a minute, no, I won't!
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       $70 at Bistro Lilly. A little pricey for a Saturday lunch to meet Halfbakers?   

       I can't really ask my partner to splurge at the moment on a big lunch, to meet friends of mine that i am still yet to meet - hehe.   

       I think it's a great idea, but I think this would work better in a more neutral or casual place, where we could all get a feel for each other and go with the flow of the evening/day/afternoon what have you. ie. after a few drinks and some conversation we can continue onto a meal etc, and if my sparkling anecdotes become too much for anyone in particular, one may cough three times and leave hastily, mumbling something about a pot they left on the oven.   

       I would suggest a place like the Shakespeare on Devonshire Street in Surry Hills. It's a cosy pub, that serves great inexpensive meals and is only about 500m from central station. I often take my girlfriend's parents there, as it has wide appeal - there's no pretense and it has a comfortable patronage.   

       Perhaps Bistro Lilly would be better for a future HB soiree, when individual table manners have been established. Sydney's a big place, there's lots of possibilities.
benfrost, Jul 31 2006

       I think my girlfriend's bro is in town, but apart from that, count me in. The Shakespeare used to be my local.   

       I think [Sofacrat] is in town too.
neilp, Jul 31 2006

       Alas, I am a couple of years late to join this one.Thanks for reminding me that I got barred from The Shakespeare for tee'ing off golf balls from the back entrance with a 7 iron though.   


       (well, you've told all those that come by this site the exact address and time of the meet,email. why stop there? post here what you look like too.)
skinflaps, Jul 31 2006

       good idea [skinflaps]; I was thinking of doing the whole "I'll be the guy carrying a briefcase and wearing a ten-gallon hat".   

       I'll post a photo in the next few days.
xaviergisz, Aug 02 2006

       That's not what I meant.(pssst..too much information)
skinflaps, Aug 02 2006

       don't forget the RSPCA.
benfrost, Aug 02 2006

       What did you repo off them, bubba?
neelandan, Aug 02 2006

       Only a suggestion, sigh..   

       Carry on.
skinflaps, Aug 02 2006

       If the Fish Bone Investigators are after you UB it might be time to join the Croissant Protection Program... I'd Scarper sharpish!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Aug 02 2006

       Darn... wrong side of the Nullarbor Plain! Enjoy this croissant with your lunch though [+].
pertinax, Aug 02 2006

       I'm in - great idea. Haven't been at the Shakespeare for - maybe 25 years? Or am I thinking of the Southern Cross? A beer might refresh my memory...
sofacrat, Aug 03 2006

       I would so be there except - you know - you're on the other side of the world.
shapu, Aug 03 2006

       so sat 12th at the shakespeare.   

       sofocrat, neilp, benfrost, xaviergisz   

       who else is adding to this motley soiree?   

       maybe we could bring sock puppet versions of other halfbakers. hmmm.. maybe there's a posting in that.
benfrost, Aug 04 2006

       //I'll be off with 31 of my nearest friends, practising my tantric techniques in a yurt, at an undisclosed location.//
Aha!. If you are in a yurt then we may divine that you are somewhere on the Mongolian Steppes - thet narrows it down a bit!.
gnomethang, Aug 05 2006

       there, on the steppes. a little mouse with clogs on...
po, Aug 05 2006

       Tell us how it will go has.
dbmag9, Aug 05 2006

       I am preparing sock puppet versions of all bakers who can't attend. A few sock changes during the lively impromptu discussions and I can safely drink everyone's beer, thus minimising odd looks from fellow patrons.
benfrost, Aug 10 2006

       I'm accustomed to drinking mine from a sock anyway.   

       Have a sock schooner of New for me.
skinflaps, Aug 10 2006

       By a curious coincidence, around 150 or so batchmates from my old college are attending a get-together on 12th saturday. It will be a big event - full day with families, and the planning and preparations were started over a year ago.
neelandan, Aug 10 2006

       I am afraid I couldn't catch a flight out on such short notice...raincheck? ;)
tallbrownie, Aug 10 2006

       Just a final reminder of the lunch tomorrow. I'll try to bring something along that identifies me as a halfbaker (maybe the HB yin-yang symbol).
xaviergisz, Aug 11 2006

       I will be there in spirit. Look out for diaphenous mists, inexplicable knocking sounds and moving tables.
wagster, Aug 11 2006

       i'll be wearing black, dark sunglasses and a feather in each ear.
benfrost, Aug 12 2006

       I'll be in my new trouser suit - see link
xenzag, Aug 12 2006

       Looks like you lot had fun. Tell us all.
dbmag9, Aug 15 2006

       Well, we drank several beers, and talked about halfbaking, naked airlines, toy making, juries, flat hunting, patents, the best ways of photographing paintings, where we came from and where we were going to.
neilp, Aug 15 2006

       it was a fine afternoon. people showed up to something that I organised (which is always nice). we spent a couple of hours drinking and discussing ideas, halfbakers and ourselves. we raised our glasses to the HB and the people who make it what it is and also the bakers no longer with us (in particular bristolz).
xaviergisz, Aug 15 2006

       We had fun too. About 125 families and a few loners showed up.
neelandan, Aug 17 2006

       yeah it was really cool. though i must apoligize - i was a little scattered from the night before, and quite surprised my sentences linked together etc and so on, et al.
benfrost, Aug 17 2006

       Sorry I couldn't make it, hopefully next time chaps.
madradish, Feb 07 2007


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