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Halfbakery Question

what happens when....?
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This is not an idea, therefore it's [marked-for-deletion]

The question(s) is/are this: what happens if you keep clicking on the 'more' link to bring up more ideas, as you go back in time, month by month..... is it possible to arrive at the very first idea posted on the day the halfbakery became live? What was it? When was it? Who posted it?

xenzag, Aug 31 2021

Way back when http://web.archive....www.halfbakery.com/
I found this.... but it can't be day one [xenzag, Aug 31 2021]

(?) earliest ideas by new users https://www.halfbakery.com/view/earlyhb
[xandram, Aug 31 2021]


       //is it possible to arrive at the very first idea//   

       Afraid not, the listing you get with that [more] button is chronological yes, but it's chronological by the most recent anno or links date // you only get a few [more] clicks b4 it stops offering more in [overview] so I'm presuming you're in the [recent] page.
Skewed, Aug 31 2021

       The Halfbakery was ‘seeded’ with a few of Jutta’s ideas which have an authorship date which precedes the actual start of the Halfbakery
hippo, Aug 31 2021

       There must be some way of viewing that page. Wayback machine maybe. Will have a look there.
xenzag, Aug 31 2021

       [xen]Wow! That link is great
[a1] nice trip back through time - one of my ideas is at the bottom of your first link, and I once met [mab], the author of Millimach
hippo, Aug 31 2021

       It's freaky reading those old ideas, so many names I don't recognise. I missed the first semidecade of the halfbakery so I consider myself a bit of a newby.
pocmloc, Aug 31 2021

       I don’t know why my link has a question mark In front of it!   

       this is the early hb without jutta’s ideas. essentially the same as what [A1] posted except missing Jutta’s ideas
xandram, Aug 31 2021

       (Because that’s a view you’ve created and named, only you can see it. If you want to share it in a link, create the view without naming it and then copy the URL)
hippo, Aug 31 2021

View expression not found: "earlyhb"

       (While processing: /view/earlyhb; query parameters: .)   

       If you think this problem is due to a software error in the halfbakery, please send email to .../   

       Maybe it's me, or maybe you need to save the view to make it available to other users? I don't use these views so don't really know how they work
pocmloc, Aug 31 2021

       I knew this place was a treasure the instant I found it. I was researching "mad" patents; absurd ideas; Heath Robinson, etc and there it was - the most perfect platform for the type of drivel that occupies most of my waking thoughts. I also recall a Sunday Times article being written about it, complete with an illustration of an extended lava lamp and a sound stage? Is that possible? My visual memory is usually very good.
xenzag, Aug 31 2021

       Perhaps I'm being a bit oblivious, but I don't see a "more" link anywhere...
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 01 2021

       Not for me. I did a Search both logged-in & not logged in, & it simply put all the results up on one page. Maybe I need to try something with a huge number of results... nope, "theory" gives 2303 results, & no "more".
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 01 2021

       thanks [hippo] I’m no good at this, but [a1] did it right. At least I learned what the question mark was for!
xandram, Sep 01 2021

       [a1]; thanks. Despite having lurked here for a disturbingly long time, I've never played with Views.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 01 2021


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