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I keep missing virtual meetups because, quite frankly I often forget what day of the week and month of the year it is. It's always just been 'now' for me, and everything not 'now' was 'the other day'. True story.
It can be a bitch but it's how I am. Family constantly bugs me about being on Randy-standard-time.


What about a continuous zoom meeting that any halfbaker can join anytime? Even if the room is empty for periods of time.
Some of us are on opposite sides of the planet so there should always be somebody logged on to see what's up on halfzoomery at any given hour.

Can't sleep at two in the morning?
Get to talk with halbakers you wouldn't normally get to meet if it weren't for the insomnia.

Flip those negatives on their heads!

Sandroomba https://imgur.com/gallery/tEoI5je
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 11 2020]


       Off-topic, I was just looking for that stop-motion video of you at work on some flooring - could you remind me which idea that was attached to?
pertinax, Oct 11 2020

       Maybe everything should be like this now. For instance, buying stuff online misses all of the social interaction of being in a store. Just zoom into your local hardware store, chat with a few people (an employee if available, or maybe just other customers) about how to fix your sprinkler system, and end up buying the right stuff (or the wrong stuff, or maybe just different stuff than you would have bought).   

       Or zoom into your local pub. Ok you can't really buy a beer online, but talking with random people that live nearby may be most of the reason you go there anyway.   

       (idea added)
Worldgineer, Oct 11 2020

       // could you remind me which idea that was attached to?//   

       um, stupidly attached to my Sandroomba posting. [link]
This and any future archives will get a link in;
"I've never met a halfbaker I didn't like".

       Thank you very much
pertinax, Oct 11 2020

       I like this. It would be useful for workplaces where everyone is now working from home to have such a virtual space where people can go and relax and see who wants a chat - like a break room
hippo, Oct 11 2020

       hugs to you all... +1
po, Oct 11 2020

       Yep. Direct linking and open access is the ticket.
reensure, Oct 11 2020

       //"I've never met a halfbaker I didn't like".//   

       Funnily enough, I've met you [2fries] - but never met [pertinax] who lives in the same city as me.   

       Good idea too.
AusCan531, Oct 13 2020

       This will be a bit unfair on 'bakers like [wjt], who struggles to pass the Turing Test even on a simple text-only asynchronous system...
8th of 7, Oct 13 2020

       Cool videos, Randy. Dates would be welcome, though, and add a bit of context, especially for those of us who have toured the "Zombie Mall". (Just how much snow was there in that second video?)   

       Did you get the hole in the roof patched? I think I've got an old 12'x12' blue tarp I could mail off to you. : P
Canuck, Oct 13 2020

       Will it be possible to tell this apart from the Horror Channel?
xenzag, Oct 13 2020

       Watched the vids [2fries]. I currently live on the other side of the planet, air travel is shut-down, a pandemic has closed borders, BUT someday, I vow that I shall stand in that orange room. (You know, after all the work is done).
AusCan531, Oct 14 2020



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