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Halfbakery Trousers

So you have something to wear below your HB shirt.
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Trousers with croisants on them, trousers with fishbones on them, trousers with [M-F-D] signs on them, trousers that smell of fish (as seen in Libya), trousers that activate when another Halfbaker comes near, trousers that secrete custard, trousers with special holders for the Pedant's Punctuation Kit, trousers with wireless connection to the Halfbakery, trousers with a pocket for the HB ID card, etc.

Note: The ideas above are not intended to be all applied together (unless you really want to) nor is the list exhaustive (but this is not an [M-F-D] List).

dbmag9, Dec 18 2005


       I thought everyone around here wore pole pants...?
DrCurry, Dec 18 2005

       That's POLO pants, Doctor.
normzone, Dec 19 2005


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