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Halfbakery Undelete

Allow undelete of old items within a short time period
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Several times I've seen accounts deleted either intentionally (with regret setting in quickly) or unintentionally. More frequently I see people accidentally delete other people's annotations.

I really appreciate that we can delete anything we want associated with our user name or ideas, but I would like to propose the following functionality to reduce accidental deletion:

1) For any idea or personal annotation that has been added in the last 72 hours, delete functions as it does now.

2) For any idea or annotation older than 72 hours and for annotations made by others, deleting hides the text and user name, but leaves a placeholder. The user who deleted these gets a link on their "overview" and "recent" page that allows notifying them that they have deleted items and allowing them to undelete them. After 72 hours the deletion would become permanent and placeholders could go away along with any hope of easily recovering the text.

My thinking is that any deletion after 72 hours is really not time critical because that page may have been cached somewhere anyway. Allowing complete deletion of something we wished we hadn't said is part of the character of the halfbakery, so would be nice to keep around. 72 hours seemed reasonable to allow for coming back after a weekend, but there could be good reason for a shorter or longer time period.

When deleting other people's annotations, having a visible "deleted" placeholder discourages people from abusing the privilege. But be sure to let the original poster delete their annotation along with the placeholder immediately if they choose (and it's younger than 72 hours).

scad mientist, Jan 20 2015

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       yahbut that'd stop me from being able to knock somebody's anno off then say "oopsy sorry, it was an accident".
FlyingToaster, Jan 20 2015


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