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Member Since ...

A little bit of data to present on each user's personal page
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Why not? (Well, if the data doesn't exist, obviously it can't be done --but "doesn't it exist"?)
Vernon, Aug 27 2014

First Idea Flat_20Pack_20Parking
Dec 24 2006, Account creation Dec 7, 2006. [MechE, Aug 27 2014]

Halfbakery Zeitgeist Calendar Half-bakery_20Zeitgeist_20Calendar
[RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2014]

Votes based on membership date. Halfbakery_20Electoral_20College
Tangentially relevant and not self-promoting in the slightest....honest, guv. [DrBob, Aug 30 2014]


       Since the user's account page gives creation date which, barring the 2004 crash, is an indication of "member since", you must mean something like dividing the HB's history up into ages or epochs ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2014

       I thought that was the first date that personal information written-by-the-user was added to the personal page (it doesn't SAY "account created"!). So, with respect to this Idea, all I'm asking for is a little bit of extra text on the personal page, generated by the web server, to accompany some data already present.
Vernon, Aug 27 2014

       okay. no clue really. You could look up the Big List of Usernames, and check some of the ones with no or few ideas (which owners presumably weren't involved much) to see.
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2014

       The user [Skewed] appears to have fairly minimal info on the personal page. But nothing confirming that the date on the page is the creation date or member-since date.
Vernon, Aug 27 2014

       It is. I've never added anything to mine, and I can confirm it that it matches up with my account creation (and not, say, first idea creation which was several weeks later).
MechE, Aug 27 2014

       It's the date the account was created. [edit: beaten to it]
calum, Aug 27 2014

       [MechE] and [calum], that's fine, but is there any reason why the date shouldn't have a small explanation associated with it, for anyone who isn't familiar with the workings of the HB?
Vernon, Aug 27 2014

       //anyone who isn't familiar with the workings of the HB// You are raving now, [Vernon]. Or hallucinating. Either way, you are describing a class of beings who not only don't exist, but whose possible existence can't even be conceived of.
pocmloc, Aug 27 2014

       "For those who know, no explanation is needed. For those who don't know, no explanation is possible"
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 27 2014

       Who knows what these people of whom we know nothing know?
hippo, Aug 27 2014

       I first started reading in the early 1990s -- is that even possible, the halfbakery name domain doesn't seem that old? The account profiles seem to give me no sense of who was even here at the beginning.
4and20, Aug 27 2014

       It depends on which alternate time line you have slipped over from.
normzone, Aug 27 2014

       I think I'd like a version of the Auto Testament Generator for God Sims but for the hb, with an Old Testament bent, the tribe of egnor yuck boring, the age of explosions, the cataclysm of the 04 crash, the dawn of the age of the gun fetishists (this particular part having all the narrative grip of the OT's "begat" passages) right up to the coming apocalypse, brought about by the failure of the halfbakers to honour jutta's commandment to invent, instead choosing to engage in bloviating go-rounds on political issues.
calum, Aug 27 2014

       10 lasts a long time when you're a finger counting prodigy.
4and20, Aug 27 2014

       I can verify this.   

       There are some people here who I'd like to nominate for "member of the year".
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 27 2014

       Surely you only want to do that because it rhymes, [MB]?
nineteenthly, Aug 28 2014

       [4and20] "early 1990s" sounds somewhat unlikely considering (a) this would make the Halfbakery one of the first ever websites, and (b) the fact that the Halfbakery didn't exist until Aug 10th 1999. Did you mean "early 2000s"?
hippo, Aug 28 2014

       Ahh, he's referring to the Soviet samizdat bakery, which was just a couple of badly photocopied sheets, held together with croissant and some staples.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 28 2014

       The fact that web sites mostly didn't exist in the early 1990s did occur to me. When I first started reading Halfbakery, the ability to see a list of the most popular ideas all-time was one of the first options you saw. The ideas I never forgot were 1)Custard-Filled Speed Bumps 2) Flocking Cones 3) The Hullaballoon.   

       All of these have posting dates around 9/11. I have a pretty good idea what I was doing around 9/11, which is dating maniacal women I'd met on the internet or backpacking through Europe. I call these the lost academic years, so even Halfbakery would have been too much learning. // close nostalgic balloon with speed bumps.
4and20, Aug 28 2014

       The first idea on here is the one about scraping ice off windscreens with 3.5" floppies from 1996. The dates on the early ideas don't reflect when they were posted but when they were thought of, and [Jutta] put a number of ideas on here to start things off. It may have been in 1999 but I'm not sure. I joined in 2003, I think, under the name [grayure]. I deleted that account at almost exactly the same time as the crash of '04, and started a new account under this username.
nineteenthly, Aug 28 2014

       Reminds me of the Halfbakery Zeitgeist Calendar.   

       I came in 1999, towards the end of egnor and venturing into [baked], the era of clocks, terrorism, the endless Vernon, pole pants, user limericks, thecat wars, many implementations of off-bakery early group sites like the yahoo group, the myspace group, the reincarnations of waugsqueke, Unabubba, and others...
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2014

       MaxwellBuchanan - confidently unreliable since 2007.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 29 2014

       <Exam Paper]
Is anyone, technically speaking, actually a 'member' of the halfbakery? OED defines 'Member' as 'A person, country, or organization that has joined a group, society, or team'. Does posting comments on a website constitute 'joining' anymore than, say, heckling from the audience makes you a member of Equity or the Performers Guild? If so, why?

Or are we using member in the mathematical sense used in set theory, i.e. grouping things together based on a common trait in order to facilitate analysis? If so, then what analysis is it that you have in mind Vernon?
</Exam Paper>

//the tribe of egnor yuck boring//
DrBob, Aug 30 2014

       [DrBob], since one is unable to post anything here without registering a username and password, doing that should reasonably qualify as joining the membership of the HalfBakery.
Vernon, Aug 30 2014

       "Member (n): a part of the body."
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 30 2014

blissmiss, Aug 30 2014

       Ah, but that's my point Vernon. Username is merely a device to facilitate posting of ideas & annotations. You haven't signed up to anything or joined anything anymore than if you wrote a letter to your local newspaper.
DrBob, Aug 30 2014

       The more prolific commentators on some online newspapers, even if they don't write the articles, are de facto contributing members of the "news team"; some of them have built up more followers than the reporters.
FlyingToaster, Aug 30 2014

       Note that if the exact phrase "Member since" is considered less than perfect, an alternate equivalent phrase could be used instead, such as (mentioned by others) "Account created".
Vernon, Aug 30 2014

       Some people still write letters to their local newspapers for the fame factor.
4and20, Aug 30 2014

       // Is anyone, technically speaking, actually a 'member' of the halfbakery? // I like to refer to myself as a "loafer" on the HB, much like a "squatter" is a person who occupies property without title, right, or payment of rent
Canuck, Aug 30 2014

       //property ... title, right// fantasy   

       //payment of rent// extortion
pocmloc, Aug 30 2014

       Are we completely over-looking the fact that Vernon posted an idea of less length than the typical summary statement? How much has changed since last I half-baked?
MikeD, Sep 03 2014

       Clearly his account has been hijacked, perhaps it has something to do with the cloud.
Custardguts, Sep 03 2014


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