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Halfbakery glossy

meta: news, expanded.
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Halfbakery is a site about ideas. Yes. But it is more. It is also about communication, about the people behind the ideas. You get to know them and love them or not. The halfbakery glossy online magazine features stories about who said what to whom and why that was so funny or sad.

An intervieuw with [po]: Why do you love cats? What's your favourite movie/book? Which halfbaker is it exactly that you fancy? Etc. All the usual exciting and thrilling stuff you find in the glossy magazines. (But maybe that is taking it too far just yet).

Judging from other ideas about the halfbakery there are a lot of things people (me and maybe you) would like to know.

Like: which idea got the most quoissants or fishbones and why. How many users are there. What is the oldest idea. Etc.

There could be categories like: best idea of the week/month. Best idea by a newby. Halfbaker of the week/month and so on. (thus this idea incorporates other similar ideas)

The ideal form of this would be an option to click under meta: halfbakery glossy. But I would settle for an expanded version of the news-option. I click on it from time to time only to find that it is mostly full of stuff about computer problems. But if you read everything you find that in the past other interesting stuff has been posted.

So if you wonder about interesting events on the halfbakery and want to know more about it, just click on "glossy" and there you have it! ( yes I am reffering to recent events about users leaving or being banned but maybe that is too hot a topic for such a magazine.(then again, that is what gave me this idea) I imagine some halfbaker will state in an annotation that he/she became father/mother, or got a new job or whatever)

To summerize (which is necesary because once I start typing I loose myself and I don't want to go all [vernon] on you): More news about ideas, halfbakers, quoissants and fishbones and other halfbakery stuff.

zeno, Aug 23 2005

http://groups.yahoo.../inglybinglydingly/ [jutta, Aug 23 2005]

There's a place in Multiply, too, if you like that kind of thing http://halfbakers.multiply.com/
[DrCurry, Aug 23 2005]

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       There are half a dozen blog sites devoted to the Halfbakery and its denizens - surely one of these already suffices?
DrCurry, Aug 23 2005

       Nice idea. Sounds like HB meet the Halfbaker. Sort of this is your half-life. Oh, wait. Hangon. That sounds scary.
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       Blast, not one minute old and gets a fishbone. Many more to come I'm afraid. (it's a fair cop but halfbakery is to blame)   

       Care to add some links [DrCurry]? I would be much obliged.
zeno, Aug 23 2005

       Hey! We annotated at the same time [Dub]. //nice idea\\ but no quoissant? What's with that?   

       (Going to bed now lest [po] alerts the wife I'm up late again.)
zeno, Aug 23 2005

po, Aug 23 2005

       I'm picturing the cover photos I'd scan while standing in line at the grocery store, a la National Enquirer...
normzone, Aug 23 2005

zeno, Aug 23 2005

       [Zeno]Not my bone, I'll admit that I forgot to click croissant, but I also didn't click the fishy.
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       A thought's just occurred to me... There might only be one Half Baker in the whole universe, impersonating all the others... What if that's true, eh? Who will you interview then?
Dub, Aug 23 2005

       Um, yes, that would be UnaBubba.
DrCurry, Aug 24 2005

       Nice one [DrC]
Dub, Aug 24 2005

       Hey, thanks [Jutta] and [DrCurry], looks like I'll have to join a group or sign up or something if I want to have a taste. I always think that's such a bother. Might be tempted to try though, out of curiousity.
zeno, Aug 24 2005

       [DrCurry]Don't we need a user-name and password, something?
Dub, Aug 24 2005

po, Aug 24 2005

       ...but there as easy to come by as here.
DrCurry, Aug 24 2005

       No, I meant what is the user-name and password... so that people could submit/post things...or is that what [po] meant? Does [DrCurry] / someone have to admin the thing. This technology thing's got me baffled!
Dub, Aug 24 2005

DrCurry, Aug 24 2005

       bless him! yes.
po, Aug 24 2005


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