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For your kitchen
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Plates with the half croissant and 50 cents picture printed on them to a lifelike proportion. Casserole dishes with fishbones on the bottom. Silverware with either fishbones and croissants on the handles and tumblers with the freezer liquid in the wall at a casual glance they look half empty or half full.
sartep, Jun 15 2005

(?) Not quite what you ordered, sir, but very nice http://www.bathyfor...m/halfbakeware.html
(except the mug, which is rubbish, but I've lost interest now.) [moomintroll, Jun 16 2005]


       And if I like the guests very much, I break out the spectacular croissant crockery. All others get the fish.+
Susan, Jun 15 2005

       And I thought this might be about stuff that was only half there... :)
Vernon, Jun 15 2005

       Yeah, [Vernon}, me too! I was mentally picturing a half-loaf pan and wondering how you'd keep the dough from oozing out the open end.   

       Then I briefly pondered baking pans that half-cooked food, and I realized I already owned some of those. But I suppose if I was a better baker ...   

       {UnaBubba}, would that be service for 8? Or 32?
Canuck, Jun 15 2005

       I still want a cup cut in half with a bit of glass or something covering the side so the liquid doesn't fall out. That would be cool.
finrod, Jun 15 2005

       Ha, Vernon.
sartep, Jun 15 2005

       Ha, Vernon?????
DesertFox, Jun 15 2005

       If they were disposable plates and plastic utensils, they’d be marketable. Well, to me anyhow.
Shz, Jun 16 2005

       Moom, those plates look good enough to eat... off of.   

       Take that! Invention/non-invention taking up all the space so nobody sees moom's plates!
daseva, Jun 16 2005

       Bless you. [daseva]. You've made a gentle troll very happy!
Okay, sulk over now.
moomintroll, Jun 16 2005

       I like the size you chose for the fishbone image on the plate, moom.
bristolz, Jun 16 2005

       Thanks, [bris]. For me, less is always more! :)
moomintroll, Jun 16 2005

       What a dish!
FarmerJohn, Jun 16 2005

       Has to be a market for this. Something like eCrockery Press or something. HB should have them done up with the web addy printed on the bottom of each plate.
Soterios, Jun 16 2005

       Wow, thank you Moomintroll! I don't think I could have done better.
sartep, Jun 17 2005


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