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Halfbakery Ninja Weapons

(its 12:20 in the morning and me brain ain't working right)
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A pair of nun-chucks disguised as a pair of croissants(albeit with a piece of chain in the middle), for when those ninja assasins insist upon interupting your breakfast.

Also availiable fishbone shuriken.
kaz, Jan 14 2003


       Throwing Starfish
thumbwax, Jan 14 2003

RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2003

       Katana Croissant-slicer
8th of 7, Jan 15 2003

       When you can take the croissant from my hand, it is time for you to go, grasshopper.   

       How many nuns could a nun chuck, chuck, if a nun could chuck nuns, chuck?
po, Jan 15 2003

       How many balls would Woods hit in the woods with woods, if Woods could?
FarmerJohn, Jan 15 2003


       I want a crossiant scimitar.
talen, Jan 16 2003

       How many nuns would chuck upchuck if he could chug nuns?
thumbwax, Jan 16 2003

       Concealed ‘Butterfly’ Swiss Army Knife, Quadra-Sectional Staff, and spring loaded Tonfas. Can I bring my pet dragon?
Shz, Jan 16 2003

       //Is nun chucking anything like dwarf tossing?//   

       UnaBubba's seen "The Two Towers" hasn't he, not that, thats a bad thing of course.
talen, Jan 16 2003

       Perhaps they were "short" of material, ha-ha.
8th of 7, Jan 16 2003

       I thought dwarf tossing was something that was practised solely by a dwarf and his wife
or maybe a dwarven prostitute :P
kaz, Jan 16 2003

non, Jan 19 2003

       // I cannot believe the editors left the joke in the movie. //   

       Neither can I. Low point of the film, probably of the series.
waugsqueke, Jan 19 2003

       saw the two towers last night, can you tell me where's the "politically incorect" dwarf tossing? I did see one incident where the dwarf was tossed, but it seem to me entirely appropriate to the plot.
senatorjam, Jan 19 2003

       And it is a drastic change from the first movie where Gimli refused to be tossed while in Moria, "No one tosses a dwarf!"
talen, Jan 20 2003


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