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Halfbakery Tagline Bumper Stickers

Various taglines printed on bumper stickers.
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Get your favorite. Black words on white background with a croissant on the left and right sides.

For taglines, refresh and look at the croissant in the corner.

DesertFox, Apr 18 2005

(Mostly)_20Lame_20Halfbakery_20Taglines Taglines [DesertFox, Apr 18 2005]

'bakery sticker _27bakery_20sticker
This would be better served as an annotation to the original 'waxian bakery sticker idea. [waugsqueke, Apr 18 2005]


       Also "Watch out - I'm playing my personal Fatal Auto Collision Song"
hippo, Apr 18 2005

       'wax covered this ground before. Observe link.
waugsqueke, Apr 18 2005

       Or just a little silver quassant, like the little silver fish some people have.
zeno, Apr 18 2005

       Good idea though, both times.
zeno, Apr 18 2005


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