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Halfbakrian Dream

It's just a dream, but it is a Dream
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For some reasin, I have envisioned Halfbaker's patenting the ideas, selling some and buying an island. Or some other land by the sea.

This island is filled with all of the best Halfbakery ideas, made solid.

Flocking Road Cones keep the roads safe.

Cream Cheese Rings are sold at every bakery.

Custard-Filled Speed Bumps keep the school of little bakers safe.

Some people have tails, and the cars line up in a rainbow.

In the grocery store, people practice Supermarket Pirating.

Other people glow, and the coins connect for easy storage.

For Christmas, from Sorta Claus, we each get a gift.

On weekends, people go out the Miniature Golf Version of Everything Park, to play.

There is a convenient ARRRRRGH'S!!! near you, and in the Halfbakria capitol, in the center, sits the Douglas Adams Memorial.


These are some of the top HB ideas, and I have envisioned many other wonderful ideas being used to create the perfect (or as near as possible) country.

It is a dream to see this country, and would be proud to be Halfbakrian!

DesertFox, Feb 15 2005

Society for the implementation of Halfbaked ideas Society_20for_20the...20Halfbaked_20ideas
By [beretboy] [Detly, Feb 15 2005]

Film Noir Home Film_20Noir_20Home
by hippo. A copper bottomed classic. [calum, Feb 15 2005]


       Halfbakria, a place where Halfbakery ideas become baked, all of the best and none of the worst.
DesertFox, Feb 15 2005

       If you want. :)   

       (I love film noir)
DesertFox, Feb 15 2005

       Hullaballoon access only.   

       This idea makes me feel strangely longing for a place like this...   

       Edit: Fixed the misspelling
finrod, Feb 15 2005

       and thanks the the Pigeon Litter Patrol the place is spotless!
etherman, Feb 15 2005

       mfd withdrawn
dentworth, Feb 15 2005

       it's hardly the same thing at all really!   

       your own lounge is nearer to the spirit of this.
po, Feb 15 2005

       you're right [po] I reread the 'society...', has more to do with funding.   

       very sorry DesertFox, mfd withdrawn
dentworth, Feb 15 2005

       Where's an illustration to this idea??
Pericles, Feb 15 2005


       The police will be right there.//   

       I thought it might have been misspelled, but now I know first hand what happens when I make the horrible error of misspelling a word. Thank you [UnaBubba]
finrod, Feb 15 2005

       I like the idea but sorry, what does it have to do with Film Noir (which is probably the best movie genre ever--can't wait for the Film Noir Festival in April)?
Machiavelli, Feb 15 2005

       See link, Machi.
calum, Feb 15 2005

       <Machi put down her coffee and took a long drag on her cigarette before pointing her browser at [calum]'s link. Outside it was raining."
wagster, Feb 15 2005

       Oh, that's great. I'd love to have a house wired like that.   

       "You know how to whistle, don't you? You just put your lips together and...blow." [from film noir "To Have and Have Not]. Just call me Mrs. Bogart, [wags]. ;) The weird thing is, it *is* raining, and I *am* drinking coffee.
Machiavelli, Feb 15 2005

       Isn't this just a list of favorites?
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2005

       Yet somehow, 8 people felt that it would be a good idea to encourage pandering like this.
jutta, Feb 17 2005

       It's not pandering; it's a utopian dream. Somewhere, over the rainbow....
robinism, Feb 17 2005

       ...way up high [on synesthesia drugs]...
froglet, Feb 18 2005

       Yes. Utopia; utopia of Halfbakery dreams.
DesertFox, Feb 18 2005

       And as in all dreams, there lie dark corners, or some scary shadow, or a whisper of wisdom, that went unheard, or worse, ignored. (This is just a list...this is just a list...)   

       Time to wake up, knucklehead ;-)
blissmiss, Feb 19 2005


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