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halfbakery pool tournament

halfbakers play
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Jonka will try the new and improved tip.

Balls rack themselves.

Heated arguments about rules.

Spur of the moment scientific experiments.

[Afroassault] gets disqualified for drinking to much and obscene behaviour.

[Contracts] is seen wearing a bowtie.

Several people firing bullits at the cueball from hollow poolsticks.

One halfbaker shatters a rack of nineball whilst breaking off with a rigid rod poolstick.

Some dress up as pirates, others as garden gnomes.

Winner: a golden quassant Runner up: a stinking fishbone

zeno, Apr 16 2005


       can I watch?   

       I tend to go off at a tangent! snooker that is.
po, Apr 16 2005

       Sounds good, but maybe more appropriate in Halfbakery:Games or somesuch, since this isn't an idea about billiards sports in general.
disbomber, Apr 16 2005

       How did I miss this idea?!?! I would *never* EVER wear a bowtie. ;-) [+] Although I appreciate the nod of the head both to myself and Willie Hoppe.   

       If this were a HalfCon I would be sure to attend.
contracts, May 20 2005

       Jinbish and I, long ago, had a pool tournament which, in terms of popular culture references, was akin to Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason acting out the climactic battle of "Robin and Marian" while consuming Withnailian quantities of sweet, sweet booze. The result was, if I remember correctly, 24-25 in favour of Jinbish.
calum, May 20 2005

       Fat man, you shoot a great game of pool.
Jinbish, May 21 2005

       We would *never* agree on the rules. Or the physics.
goatfaceKilla, May 23 2005

       Do we wear swim attire?
bristolz, May 23 2005

       Only if it's made of gel-filled kevlar and contains rfid chips that track your movements around the table, using that information to control a robot ballet in the next room.
wagster, May 23 2005

       For zeno's pleasure (I don't understand how he could leave it out!) we set out a track in which you can try taking an aim at the moving poolfish ball which needs to be shot through custard filled crouqet hoops with his elf.
Susan, May 23 2005

       I think the scoring system could be modified. One additional point for each level of complexity involved in hitting the ball, with a minimum number of levers and pulleys involved. 10 points if they involve clocks, goldfish, explosions, or such.   

       5000 points for the baker who can hit the ball so close to the cup that measuring its position becomes subject to quantum indeterminancy; it both is and is not in the pocket.
RayfordSteele, May 24 2005

       And any halfbaker found trying to use a rigid rod will be disqualified.
Susan, May 24 2005

       And the whole thing should sound like a pinball machine [+]
maximus5, May 24 2005

       I found asbestos felt. Anyone have a Zippo?   

       [Susan], either you've got a filthy mind or I do.
wagster, May 24 2005

       The cue ball has a laser aiming system. Due to it's piezoelectric power system, however, it only works after you've hit it.
Worldgineer, May 24 2005

       I am pretty sure its yours [Wagster]. Carefull or you could be blackhole paulted out of the league.
Susan, May 25 2005

       HAH! Brilliant, [world]. Now that needs to be half-baked.
contracts, May 25 2005


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