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Hall O' Ween

Trickle teat.
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Instead of marching the kiddies to strangers doors to fill their candy sacks with chemicals the names of which exceed the length of their storybooks, simply send them on all fours through this frightening tunnel where they will suckle on swollen nipples of sugared water for refreshment from the intense heat, and energy to reach the end of its great length.
rcarty, Oct 31 2011

...while playing the appropriate soundtrack. http://www.youtube....watch?v=csEJW69-C2Q
[swimswim, Oct 31 2011]


       sp. wean
pocmloc, Oct 31 2011

       Would the pun still be obvious?
rcarty, Oct 31 2011

pocmloc, Oct 31 2011

spidermother, Oct 31 2011

       How galactically? (To what extent)
rcarty, Oct 31 2011

       Just another pun - galaxy is derived from the Greek word for milk. Duh.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       The 'bakery has the best etymology teatchers.
swimswim, Nov 01 2011

       And some real boobs.
rcarty, Nov 01 2011

       Oh don't be such a drip.
swimswim, Nov 01 2011

       Take it easy squirt.
rcarty, Nov 01 2011

       Tit for tat.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       What pap, what dribble. Pah!
pocmloc, Nov 01 2011

       Thanks for the mammaries. Areola tribute of you all. (That one teated on sucking, but I won't nurse my greivances, rather express them). Just casein these out, albumining more, but that's the cream of them. Gotta duct.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       You were really latched on there, [spidermom].
swimswim, Nov 01 2011

       This idea really sucks.
pocmloc, Nov 01 2011

       ...and it lacks tation.   

       That was fromages ago. Still, better lait than never. Udderly awful, but I dug it.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       I wish I curd think of more puns.
pocmloc, Nov 01 2011

       Well pump yourself up and think of something lest this theme end on a sour note.
swimswim, Nov 01 2011

       Cheezes Christ, you'd think this would have run dry by now, but sure enough somebody managed to milk one more pun out of it.
mouseposture, Nov 01 2011

       There's whey more still.
spidermother, Nov 01 2011

       We calcium come and see 'em go (the puns, that is), but let's not forget discussion of the idea which often gets colostrum in the shuffle.
swimswim, Nov 02 2011

       This is the breast milk thread, go bosom other ideas.
rcarty, Nov 02 2011

       1 across: Sounds like the effects of frostbite are an ingredient of milk (7)
hippo, Nov 02 2011

       [Hippo] has dug deeper in search of mental nourishment.
pocmloc, Nov 02 2011

       I guess that's an udder subject milked dry, Or is it? Let's not forget there's a sucker born every minute.
Ah Supp, Nov 03 2011

       Lack toes.
rcarty, Feb 24 2012

       I have only just realised that my first comment might look naïve to non-scots-speakers.
pocmloc, Feb 24 2012


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