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Halon Fire Extinguisher Head Ring

Addition to Climate Controlled Clothing
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Since there is a very real fire hazzard associated with use of sealent propellent this device can be considered a must. It consists of a head ring (looking something like a angels halo) coupled to a small container of halon fire extinguishing gas hidden a special hidden pouch (supplied with kit). Extinguisher is activated by a ermergency pull ring which envelopes body in a cloud of fire extinguishing gas. Future models will incorperate a auto fire detection triggering device.. This device may also prove useful for smokers, firemen, pyro maniacs, arsonists and people with just really bad luck. Also soon to come is a patch kit for your fire extinguisher
ghetto, Nov 29 2000


       It would be too heavy.
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       High levels of exposure to Halon 1211 or Halon 1301 may result in symptoms including lightheadedness, giddiness, shortness of breath, cardiac irregularity, and unconsciousness. These symptoms are reversible and will disappear if the victim is removed from the area of exposure.   

       of course...since you've passed out from halon inhalation you're pretty much screwed until the tank runs out this is assuming you get enough oxygen to survive until then.
masukomi, May 09 2001

       Great... so you are going to poison me mere moments after I've almost been burned to a crisp.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 22 2002

       someone needs to research a little more thoroughly the side effects of weird gases before putting them into ideas
kaz, Feb 28 2002

       I don't think it's such a bad idea. And hey, if you don't feel like suffocating to death either cease screaming and hold your breath until out of the cloud or add scubba gear. It's also good for those with paranoid delusions involving flame throwers. I know I'd feel more secure.
Ezeldorph, Feb 28 2002

       The US army has actually done some considerable research into the side effects of halon gas. It is apparently possible to breathe in a halon atmosphere normally for up to 30 seconds before significant symptoms begin to display.   

       Of course, the US. Navy has also done some considerable research, and has discovered that halon is only reliable for stopping fires when used in large quantities in enclosed spaces. Unless you plan to spend most of your time in airtight spaces belonging to other people, I can't see much use for a personal halon dispensing system.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 29 2008

       So, not a sexual appliance for solving friction-burns, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 29 2008

       Yeah, halons are effectively a smothering agent. In an open space, you'd need enormous quantities to ensure a fire was put out.   

       Normally they're used in electrical substations, and other unmanned, high fire risk environments where the aim is to limit equipment damage. I've been in subs where you have to isolate (read switch off and put my personal lock on, so no one can switch it on without a set of bolt cutters) the halon system in order to enter.   

       Halons are bad medicine. Pretty much <well, mostly> redundant with the advent of other gasses like Inergen (tm) etc. that are far less lethal.   

       Anyhoo, for this idea, you're probably better off with a foam-type or even dry powder extinguisher.
Custardguts, Jan 29 2008


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