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Google Jackhammer Headphones

a way forward for the google glass project
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The Google Glass project is effectively in the dumps.

The solution? Embrace disabilities as the source of innovation and motivation.

The Google Jackhammer Headphones would protect those with Misophonia (link) and also have superhigh quality sound.

They also make a bolder statement.

Wearable computing can grow out from this much more secure foundation for Adaptive Technologies.

Private Boney Bunney, May 06 2013

The original Jackhammer Headphones http://www.instruct...khammer-Headphones/
[Private Boney Bunney, May 06 2013]

White Men Wearing Google Glass http://whitemenwear...leglass.tumblr.com/
[Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013]

Misaphonia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misophonia
[Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013]

What is a Nerd? http://www.wisegeek.../what-is-a-nerd.htm
[Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013]

Nerd Geek Dork Venn diagram http://nohappymediu...ek_venn_diagram.jpg
[Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013]


       Big puffy headphones make google glasses less nerdy?
leinypoo13, May 07 2013

       Not less nerdy but more accepting and embracing of the nerdiness as a disability issue, and disabilities as the source of innovateness and ambition, which is a bolder and less hidey kind of statement.
Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013

       Why is being a nerd a disability? I thought it was pretty en vogue to be a nerd these days. Personally, I hate nerds.
leinypoo13, May 08 2013

       I'm sorry that you hate nerds. Why is disability the opposite of en vogue?
Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013

       My apologies. Racism and lame attempts at humor taken out. I am happy to give them up as they are a false overlay over a serious issue.   

       >>nerdiness to be a disability   

       There are lots of ways to answer that question but the first should be: why do you consider disability to be a problem? Disability is an identity for some and it is hard to have a negative value as an identity. Especially for cognitive disabilities and other language related issues like intercultural communication between mainstream and Deaf cultures, identity shouldn't be defined as group of things one cannot do - like mountain biking, Tae Kwan Do and especially procreating.   

       Some of the other ways have to do with the grey- area and hidden "disabilities" that didn't exist 20 years ago but that people increasingly view as commonalities, sources of innovative opportunities, and motivators, rather than a description of things that they cannot do.   

       As for the racism around the Google Glass project, I hate to get sucked into it, and it really is a long shot and I hate to shoot myself in the foot, again, but, Private Boney Bunney reporting for duty sir, maybe it is an opportunity to start to address whitemess as a disability.   

       And as for parties and friends and procreation, I dont know how to begin answering that.
Private Boney Bunney, May 08 2013

       That Venn diagraim is spot on. Nerds are no different from the beautiful people in that, they rely a little too much of what they're good at for their self esteem.
leinypoo13, May 08 2013


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