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Hand-Cranked Ray Gun

Eco-friendly particle beam weapon
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This is a gun with three settings: particle beam, plasma bolt and laser. The laser is the usual zingy-zingy padoom thing with the shiny and not so shiny ends, although that's a bit old-fangled nowadays, right? The plasma bolt is a cloud of smoke heated via microwave and shot out using a linear accelerator. The particle beam uses the same bit to zhoop little thingummies. Let's say positrons, eh? This is not the bit.

This is the bit. All of this is driven using capacitors which are charged using a crank handle, so you go whizz-whizz- whizz with a thing on the side until an LED lights up to tell you it's ready, then you set the toggle to the right setting and whoosh. Takes a couple of days to recharge. Maybe a treadmill would help.

Inspired by a juicer.

nineteenthly, Mar 10 2014


       Ach. Link?
nineteenthly, Mar 10 2014

       From my user page:   

       " One thing I've found out, over the years, is that, anytime you think that you were the originator of some new idea, ' I was the first to do that, ' you'll find some old fellow who did it around 1895. Every darn time. " Edward Hamilton, 1904 - 1977, in "The Space Opera Renaissance", TOR Books, 2006
normzone, Mar 10 2014

       For even the simplest of directed-energy weapons, the disconnect here between the minimum energy required and the actual power input available, even integrated over days and ignoring storage losses, is N orders of magnitude, where N is any arbitrarily large positive integer greater than, say, 6.
8th of 7, Mar 10 2014

       A scifi writer who croaked in 1977 was still handing out snappy quotes eight years ago?! That's one helluva futurist...
Alterother, Mar 10 2014

       Join the club....or morning star if you prefer.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 10 2014

       Thank you for the invitation, I think I shall! Is my immediate death compulsory or do we let Nature take her course?
Alterother, Mar 11 2014

       I envision a bulb-topped tower leaning out over the castle gate, connected by various gears to an ox-powered wheel on the interior. When the party with the battering ram comes running up electrical arcs jump down and zap them.   

       Although maybe I got that from Connecticut Yankee. Yes, yes I did. He did not do the smoke-based particle beam though which is also very intriguing.
bungston, Mar 11 2014


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