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Hand Blaster

Start with an ordinary gun...
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Modify the bullet/shell. Remove the bullet or massy-pellet "shot". Much like a "blank", if you aim it at someone and fire, that person gets "blasted" by the burning powder. Let's simply enhance this effect!

Think of how fireworks can explode and send multiple pieces in many directions, which move some distance and THEN all explode in unison. Let's miniaturize those "pieces" and make shot-pellets out of them, and fill the bullet.

[Inserted a few hours later] I forgot to say that we DON'T want the secondary charge that spreads the pellets, in this shell, as exists in a firework. The pellets shouldn't spread out any more than ordinary shotgun pellets do.

NOW fire the gun at somebody who deserves to be blasted. Mission accomplished!

Vernon, Sep 28 2007

Example firework in action http://tbn0.google....u/O/fireworks01.jpg
As described in the main text. There's at least two in this picture, but the largest is the one referenced. We want these pellets to be exploding/blasting as they hit the target (or after they hit the target). [Vernon, Sep 28 2007]

BOOM... boomboomboomboom http://www.popularm...ry_law/4219350.html
reactive material shrapnelizing warhead [GutPunchLullabies, Sep 29 2007]

Potential countermeasure Firearms_20fire_20p...guisher_20accessory
[normzone, Mar 25 2011]


       In a hurry Vernon?   

       Grapeshot shot.
skinflaps, Sep 28 2007

       Had party. Fireworks and alcohol. Big multishot fireworks MUST be held upright by some means of support. The first shot goes off and looks great, but tips the block over. Then the lesson begins. Incandescent balls streaking off in random directions (each launch spins the block) before exploding really got people moving.   

       I believe that this would be your gun with the randomizer targeting system turned "on".
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007

       Those fireworks use fuses; miniaturise them, and you shorten the fuse.
Besides, this will only be effective at a single range. [-]

AAA ammunition can be programmed to detonate at a specified range by measuring the muzzle velocity at the flash eliminator, and then programming each round as it leaves the barrel, but the smallest calibre I know that this is used for is 40mm.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 28 2007

       //NOW fire the gun at somebody who deserves to be blasted.//   

       but this is a moral issue! who decides whether someone deserves to be shot? we need to establish a law controlling the use of hand blasters.   

       "don't blast me, bro!"
k_sra, Sep 28 2007

       [k_sra], I agree that selecting a target can be an ethical issue. Do note, however, that the most dangerous animal on this planet is the one that was able to put all the other animals in the zoos. It should be no surprise that many weapons are intended to be used against humans, therefore.   

       [AbsintheWithoutLeave], I was aware that the "shot" of this blaster would likely be most effective at a single range. I suppose a mixture of different-range pellets could be put into the shell. But mainly I figured that if the pellets penetrated clothing or skin, and went off AFTER that, then that would be just as effective as them going off as they impacted.
Vernon, Sep 28 2007

       What's the intended effect of this weapon? More colorful effects?   

       I was taught that you only use firearms in situations where it's appropriate, which lets out many of those who deserve to be blasted.   

       And the intent should be to disable or kill the dangerous target as rapidly as possible, since anything else leaves the target capable of - well, being dangerous.   

       This sounds like it would just irritate your target. Not that there's not plenty of people who deserve to be irritated, but I don't think I'd want to be using one of these.
normzone, Sep 28 2007

       It would be dramatic, and for that reason maybe suited for nonlethal use. A problem with rubber bullets etc is that they are not scary enough. Shells which produce a Roman candle like effect would be less lethal than regular or rubber bullets, but very spectacular and scary.   

       The shell should shriek also. Shrieking is scary.
bungston, Sep 28 2007

       Did you see that new munition they developed with explosive shrapnel? Seriously.
GutPunchLullabies, Sep 29 2007

       + + + Yes! Rich bastards, this is the scariest weapon I've ever read about. Slowly burning gunpowder mixed with various metals may or may not have hit me.   

       Here's the thing- will the bits of whatever makes the red glare stop a really angry man?   

Zimmy, Mar 30 2011

       POTENTIALLY. The bits of whatever makes the red glare often contain lithium, which is used to treat mania.
spidermother, Apr 14 2011


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