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Instantly Deployed Barriers

For large assaults, mainly in urban settings.
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This is an idea for a denial-of-line-of-sight device. It consists of an inflatable balloon, akin to an airbag, that doesn't deflate. The device is launched, shot, or otherwise delivered to it's intended location and activated. A controlled explosion, again like an airbag deploying, will inflate it, afterwhich a quick setting apoxy will set it into place, so that even if it is punctured by small arms fire, it will keep it's general shape, obscuring line-of-sight, or denying access in certain certain circumstances. It would be useful if, a convoy was taking fire from an alleyway, it could be used to block access from that alleyway, or atleast obscure the line-of-sight. The barriers can be linked to create walls that are deployed within seconds, allowing you to change the battlefield in your favor.

Addons could be used, such as razor wire (to slow down an oncoming force, trying to get past the barricade) or electric wire (could also be implementd in ad hoc crowd control, or make them very sticky, so that if you try and climb or grab it, you will get stuck to the barrier (also, if you make it sticky, if there's enough wind to pick up sand/dust, you'll find your wall naturally camouflaged).

If certain barriers are to remain in place, the barrier can be cut open from the top, and sand be loaded in for a truly bullet-proof barrier.

twitch, Sep 16 2010


       .... for me to lob grenades over.......
WcW, Sep 16 2010

       Somebody has to say it:   

       Yes, but where does custard come into this idea?
xxobot, Sep 16 2010

       Why, it offers an alternative, less bulletproof, but more portable fill material, [xx].
gisho, Sep 16 2010

       I don't know of the bullet proof-ness of custard or it's prevalence on the battlefield, although the use of fowled custard might act as a deterrent from any hostiles (depends on which way the wind blows).   

       Although, if you wanted to send yourself through these tubes, i'm pretty sure custard would prove to be an adequate lubricant.
twitch, Sep 17 2010

       @21 Quest: ah, but once we deploy our inflatable watch towers and optional pillboxes, we have the advantage.   

       It's mainly anti-sniper fire, which is a large factor in urban settings.
twitch, Sep 18 2010

       the city could incorporate these into the drainage systems, for deployment on public roads that have manholes or stormdrains.
FlyingToaster, Sep 18 2010

       wait.. why? is this for flood control?
twitch, Sep 18 2010

       This has so many uses. I can imagine in the home, your sister comes round to visit but she’s bought her two sons with her unexpectedly. No longer a problem of where everyone is to sit in the living room - at the press of a concealed button, an extra settee explodes out from the skirting board. Suppose they want to stay for the night? Bang an extra room onto the side of the house. Aeroplanes could carry spare wings and tails in this form, in case one of the usual ones snaps off. Like a lizard regrowing its tail. The passengers would barely notice turbulence.
pocmloc, Sep 18 2010

       no, but the drains are already there for reloading.
FlyingToaster, Sep 18 2010

       for all those snipers who lack ladders and can't make their way onto the roof tops.... we have a barrier..... otherwise we're fish, looking for the perfect barrel.
WcW, Sep 18 2010


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