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Perforated Sticky Notes

Detachable adhesive strip
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The whole point of sticky notes is their stickiness - most of the time. But sometimes, I don't actually want the note to stick to anything. For example, I'm writing a shopping list. Remove the note from the pad and put it in my pocket. By the time I get to the shops, my lovely list has acquired a strip of pocket fluff along one edge.

What I propose is that the Sticky Note should be perforated, so that the gummy bit can be easily removed when not required.

tpoo22, Sep 28 2003


       you could just fold the sticky bit over...
po, Sep 28 2003

       I think they make regular non-sticky note pads for this purpose.
waugsqueke, Sep 28 2003

       Excellent !   

       Plus, the leftover sticky strips could be used to patch split pants in a pinch.
phundug, Sep 28 2003

       Are those leftover sticky strips, used to patch your split pants, pinching you, or are you just annoyed to see me?
FarmerJohn, Sep 29 2003

       So how are you supposed to clean your pockets of pocket fluff?
hippo, Sep 29 2003


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