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post it pad with a hole
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Polo-Pad is range of new post-it pads with a variety of holes available in the middle. You can then use these to identify and isolate any small areas you wish to non- destructively highlight. i.e. flaws on any surface or an item of text that needs attention.

Holes come in the form of: horizontal slots, round, elliptical or the oval variety.

To make them somewhat less critical they are pre-printed with a variety of simple exclamation words like: ooops, arghh, drat, oh- oh, or for the less faint at heart the ubiquitous Bugger! (my own fav is eeek)

xenzag, May 24 2008

eeek http://www.staples....10944&ci_sku=500518
[Amos Kito, May 24 2008]


       flaws = erroneous apostrophes and rotten spelling on public notices!
po, May 24 2008


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