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Forearm Crutch Mace

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Forearm crutches are nifty. They dispense with the requirement for a strong grip and strong wrists to provide leverage, allowing one to grip at right angles to the shaft as is more natural.

On pondering, as one does, about how best to dispatch large numbers of zombies it seemed to me that 2 sledges were the best answer: one swipe for the leg and a second to the head. But the angles involved put one at risk for dropping the sledgehammer, especially since each blow must be one handed in the interest of speed. The obvious answer: dual forearm crutch sledgehammers.

The natural extension of this concept is to a postapocalyptic zombie fighting hero. He is hugely buff in the torso and arms but paraplegic, with legs wrapped together and braced. He goes about using forearm crutch maces, which are longer than normal crutches because his strength allows himself to lever forward even if the crutch base is at a slight forward angle. This allows for a rapidity of motion as fast as running, and also for a kick with his braced legs when both crutches are down.

Perfect for zombie action movie. See links.

bungston, Jul 16 2010

Zombie Vampires Zombie_20Vampire
Yes, yes, but what else? [bungston, Jul 16 2010]

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Keep it coming, keep it coming... [bungston, Jul 16 2010]


       Chainsaws. The idea lacks chainsaws.
8th of 7, Jul 16 2010

       The leg brace is actually two large chainsaws side by side. With forearm crutch maces held laterally for balance, our hero can balance on the tips of the chainsaws and have the chains propel him rapidly forward like a super tank tread. Plus he can swing them up to bisect zombies, or cut large wheels of cheese into slices for his friends if he has washed his chains after the zombies.
bungston, Jul 16 2010

       Seconded (But [+] for the chainsaws)
8th of 7, Jul 16 2010

       Rum Soaked Flaming Zombies as vampire deterrents appear in the linked idea. As for our crutch-wielding hero, he has been known to enjoy a grape-flavored Swisher Sweet during a lull in the action.
bungston, Jul 16 2010

       Lasers. The idea lacks lasers.   

       (that makes three improvements in a row suggested by members with numbers in their names)
5th Earth, Jul 19 2010


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