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Hand Dug Water Well and Public Space

Dig a well, then create a cooled public space.
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First get four guys (pablo, felix, mario?, manuel? hard to read the t-shirts) to dig a village well as shown in the video. A several weeks work it looks like, if not more.

Notice how once they get down to the water table they build A cylinder of masonry to keep the rain and mud out of the water supply. So the idea is:

Build a building around this cylinder and dig the floor down from street level. This dug out area can be cooled using some water from the well similar to a swamp cooler. A fan might be required, but with careful design the fan might not be needed. This would even work if the well water was salty and not potable. A knee high wall to keep very hot air next to sand/dirt out of the building and maybe a walled in courtyard would be advisable.

Public or private; A central building in a village that stays cool in the desert environs would have value.

popbottle, Nov 30 2014

dig dig dig https://www.youtube...watch?v=RuzDyFquyqw
HAND DIGGING A WELL IN MEXICO [popbottle, Nov 30 2014]

Here's how you get it done... http://hippo-on-the...ow-to-dig-well.html
[normzone, Nov 30 2014]


       Swamp coolers are most effective in low-humidity environments. You don't want to do this if the village is located in a jungle.
Vernon, Nov 30 2014

       Another gotcha is the sewers. Both for rain water and sewage. All flow has to be far away from the well and nothing that will leak.   

       The building I now have in mind is a sort of half buried doughnut with a thatch roof. And large beer signs.
popbottle, Nov 30 2014


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