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Handbag self destruct.

Make sure nobody gets the chance to spend your money.
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A small igniter that could be installed in a handbag that is detonated from a small remote in your poket or maby from your mobile. I'm not sure what technology would be used but I'm sure it would be possible to dial a number that is allocated to the detonating device that would trigger it to let out some sort of flamable liquid into the bag and then ignite it. This would deter bag snachers because as soon as the bag is snached you could just dial up your "ignition" number and fwoomph no more money, creditcards and what ever else the crook might be after. The downside, you will have to stop carrying your phone in your bag.
Gulherme, Aug 12 2002

here you go http://www.longdist...ion.com/artmug.html
[namaste, Aug 12 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       ummmm.... and get arrested for carrying an offensive weapon - no thanks. Auto credit card meltdown, now that's something I could cope with.
sappho, Aug 12 2002

       There are already circuit boards out there that you can trigger to immolate themselves (I'll look for a link)

(oh and: <pedant> poket, maby, flamable, snachers, snached, creditcards </pedant>)
namaste, Aug 12 2002

       Far simpler would be to attach a grenade to the inside of the bag. A string attaches the pin to the owner's wrist. When the bag is removed from the proximity of the owner, countdown begins.
angel, Aug 12 2002

       Considering a stolen mobile phone is useless with the owners simcard in it anyway and will be taken out by the time the previous owner can send it an sms to say self destruct the idea in that link is pretty pointless. But maby the fire isnt needed at all, a dye bomb could explode inside marking all the money and creditcards rendering them useless. Some sort of electromagnet could also be activated wich would screw up the strip on all the bank/credit cards no?
Gulherme, Aug 12 2002

       That link was for circuit boards in general, not just SIM cards - the implication is that you could make *any* electrical component out of this stuff, and (provided you had an interface) you could destroy the item remotely. I hope you can see some point in the link now?

Dye bombs are baked too, and used widely by security companies transferring money.

Electromagnets might work, but I suspect they might also be something of a burden carrying them around.
namaste, Aug 12 2002

       IMHO it would be much more effective to (i) persuade ladies to purchase clothes with proper, functional pockets, and (ii) likewise persuade them to reduce the amount of (seemingly unnecessary) stuff they cart round with them.   

       Minimum requirements for pockets are: Car keys - House Keys - Money - Swiss Army Knife - Leatherman Multi Tool - Lighter. On my belt, I have a mobile phone (with a pen in the cover) and a survival tool in a small pouch (Compass, thermometer, light, whistle, magnifier).   

       What else do you need ? And no handbag ....
8th of 7, Aug 12 2002

       I would guess that most would leave their remote or mobile phone in their purse..
Mr Burns, Aug 12 2002

       8/7 are you on a survival mission? I carry a wallet with 6 cards in it and a set of keys. What more do I need?   

       Chances are the person would end up putting the remote detonate control inside the purse.
rbl, Aug 12 2002

       <Voice = Russell Crowe about to run into the arena in 'Gladiator', beats chest, says "strength and honour">
keys, wallet, phone
sappho, Aug 12 2002

       rbl: Guess who's going to be sorry when the asteroid hits ..... I'm putting my money into canned food and shotguns. ("Gremlins II"). Yes, I'm on a survival mission. It's tough where I work ....   

       I agree that they'd keep the transmitter in the purse, unless you made it into a fancy glittery brooch or pendant or something. They're attracted to shiny objects ...
8th of 7, Aug 12 2002

       ...hence the reason I keep my truck waxed.....   

       can't wait to see you against the asteroid with a leatherman.
rbl, Aug 12 2002

       rbl, notice 8th carries a lighter yet no ciggys. that speaks volumes.
po, Aug 12 2002

       "Are you buying yet ANOTHER purse?!"   

       "Yes. Don't you remember me telling you the last one blew up?"   

       "Oh ok then...well try to get one that lasts longer this time."
bluerowan, Aug 13 2002

       Now the question becomes, will airport security actually catch it?
RayfordSteele, Aug 13 2002

       As much as I admire your pocket idea, [8th], there is a great deal more than that in my handbag at the moment (lipstick, wallet, cellphone, eyeliner, compact, two sets of keys, family photos, a spare pair of earrings, fifteen quarters ...). Any clothing that would provide separate pockets for all of my little essentials would be rather ugly, heavy, and prone to bulging in odd places. Not the kind of look I'm trying to achieve, most days.   

       I do like the idea of a purse that's rigged to self-destruct. I'd really like to rig it to explode in righteous indignation at fashion abuses committed by the carrier, myself.   

       "Look at that woman! Can you believe the sequined cat bag with the plaid skirt ...?"   

1percent, Aug 13 2002

       WOOOMMMPH - oops, sorry... wrong number.
madradish, Aug 14 2002

       Think of all the explosions and fires the idea would cause if the bag contained explosive or flammable materials. Why not have dye canisters?
smokeyjohnson, Aug 14 2002

       Think of the carnage if the bag contained combustible tampons.
sild, Aug 14 2002

       Good idea- but you lose your own cash too!
sumidog123, Aug 14 2002

       // incendiary devices <8/7 mating call inserted here> //   

       I thought the phrase "incendiary devices" itself was the mating call. And you may attract [AfroAssault] with that call too.
BigBrother, Aug 14 2002

       I don't think anyone with kids will be buying one of these soon. Also, a telemarketer's autodialer would undoubtedly ring the number somehow. As for the credit cards being rendered worthless, I usually manage that myself.
banshee, Aug 14 2002

       Remote control exploding handbags seem to have somewhat less humor potential in light of recent terrorist events, particularly in the Middle East. I believe this was baked at the Atlanta 1996 Games as well,
waugsqueke, Aug 15 2002


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