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Handcrank Toothbrush

...at least you don't have to replace the battery.
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This is a toothbrush with a head that moves back and forth, connected to a hand crank at the bottom end of the handle. You grasp the toothbrush handle with one hand and cycle the crank with the other, making the toothbrush's head move back and forth.

It's simpler than an electric version would be, somewhat, and at least you never have to replace a battery!

CaptainClapper, Aug 03 2008

Wind-up toothbrush Wind-up_20toothbrush
Not really the same thing at all. [phoenix, Aug 03 2008]

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[normzone, Aug 03 2008]


       I don't think the cycles per second will give you what you want . How about the treddle power that was used with the old sewing machines .
wjt, Aug 03 2008

       I would prefer to replace battteries every once in a while instead of cranking a toothbrush everyday, but that's just me.
letstopsmoking, Aug 03 2008

       good for exercise then! but if you predominantly crank with one arm, then you might develop muscles a bit unevenly.
CaptainClapper, Aug 03 2008

       No, do squeeze motion power, either direct mechanical or indirect thru air pressure or standard springs.
MisterQED, Aug 03 2008

       Very -bakerylike - (+). Would also work well with (link).
normzone, Aug 03 2008

       that would be so awkward to use, but if you made the cranking charge a battery, like a hand crank radio, that would actually be a pretty good idea, it would be good for travelling, or just if you don't have enough outlets in your bathroom.
ModernDivo, Aug 03 2008


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