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Handheld device for remote software control only

If you already have a powerful desktop PC, you don't need to buy a laptop for mobility, just a remote control.
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I find myself using Logmein for remote PC control more and more and I realized that sometimes I only take my laptop away with me just to use my (way more powerful) desktop PC remotely using a remote control software. So, why not make a handheld device, Palm or TablePC sized, which only purpose would be to control a pc remotely? The device would be a touchscreen TFT display, a WiFi module and a microprocessor programmed for the specific function of remote control and display driving, maybe audio too. As it wouldn't have all other paraphernalia that Palm or PocketPC handhelds have like a general purpose OS, organizer applications, GPS, GSM, costs would be lower than those. The most work would have to be done in the software part in both the handheld and the desktop PC, or maybe partnering with Logmein or adequating a free alternative like TightVNC for use with the handheld would lower costs even more. WiFi is pretty omnipresent these days so if you already have a powerful desktop pc you wouldn't have to buy a laptop to satisfy your computing needs on the go, just a remote controlling handheld touchscreen.
ElVale, Dec 12 2008

Nokia 810 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_N810
Other then the cost, it's what you are looking for. [Jinbish, Dec 12 2008]

Nokia 770 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokia_770
You can pick up one of these for about £70. It's a little underpowered - but just powered enough to run VNC. It's web functions aren't too bad and you can whack a great big memory card in it and watch very acceptable video (I watched movies while on plane over Atalantic - battery lasted whole trip). [Jinbish, Dec 12 2008]

KVM Laptop KVM_20Laptop
[phoenix, Dec 12 2008]

Virtual Laptop Virtual_20Laptop
[phoenix, Dec 12 2008]

Workstation TV for home Workstation_20TV_20for_20home
[phoenix, Dec 12 2008]

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       Intriguing idea. I wonder though how much you'd save - you'd still need the necessary gubbins to drive the screen (graphics card, etc.) and run the wi-fi, mouse and keyboard. And you'd need a little bit of processing cleverness to manage all this. However, you might be able to get away with slower, cheaper and lower power components than found in many laptops.
What might be more marketable is a laptop which, most of the time only does web browsing (and, of course, web-based email) except when you're in wi-fi range of your home PC, when it can do everything that your home PC can do as well.

Oh yes, and Welcome to the Halfbakery too.
hippo, Dec 12 2008

       Hi [ElVale].   

       //WiFi is pretty omnipresent these days// Hmmm - I'm not convinced about this. What you've looking for is an Internet tablet such as the Nokia 770 (a bit underpowered but ok) or the Nokia 810 (which should come with WiMax at some stage). They're touchscreen, have BT and WiFi and run Linux - so you can develop on them quite easily. I've even done a VNC connection from my 770 to my laptop.   

       I wouldn't recommend it as a work practice though. Much rather have the laptop with me (but then my laptop is a wee Fujitsu tablet and it's great).
Jinbish, Dec 12 2008

       "Hmmm - I'm not convinced about this."
Me either. This is all well and good until you lose your network, or something happens to the computer at the other end.

       For what it's worth, there are already a few "remote kvm" ideas floating about here.
phoenix, Dec 12 2008


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