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Workstation TV for home

Wireless Keyboard/Monitor/Mouse in laptop case
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Yes, I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but here is a thought for a manufacturer.

The PC side of the kit consists of: - a PC monitor video sender (analogue) - a PC mouse reciever ( Bluetooth?) - a PC keyboard reciever ( Bluetooth?) - a PC wireless serial link (Bluetooth?) operational range: 10m (30 feet)

The laptop side involves: - an analogue Video reciever (TV tuner) - a laptop Mouse-system ( Bluetooth?) - a laptop keyboard. ( Bluetooth?) - a DVD Player (optional) - a PDA port allowing it to provide KVM for a PDA

All this device can do is show video and transmit mouse coordinates and keyboard strokes.

Target price: US$200-300 Target Market: kids, home users etc

Benefits: Laptop ergonomics with desktop speed (at home) Laptop ergonomics for PDA data entry (mobile) Pick up TV or play DVDs anywhere Longer battery life (?)

Components of laptop not used - Motherboard/ CPU/ Memory - Drives

Components of laptop used - case /screen/mouse/keyboard - battery/Power supply

Peter-NZ, Apr 25 2004

Wireless KVM switch http://www.halfbake...less_20KVM_20switch
Not quite the same thing. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       Okay, it's not a laptop, stop calling it one. Call it a dumb terminal or something.   

       The price you've come up with is for the transmitter or receiver? Either? Both?   

       If I carry a PDA, why would I want to carry this thing as well? If I'm within 10m of the remote device, why not just go to the remote device? What stops me from watching your TV/PC/PDA/DVD?
phoenix, Apr 25 2004

       1. OK Wireless Terminal 2. Ever tried using PocketWord to write anything on a Palm or PDA? 3. Nothing stops you watching the screen if you tune to that channel. That's why its for parents to buy for kids, at home and not for the office.
Peter-NZ, Apr 25 2004

       It's so that you can have a powerful but cheap desktop computer but still do your computering from bed or a couch. It would weigh much less than a laptop. I think it is brilliant! :-)
omegatron, Nov 20 2004


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