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Handle placement

Prevent careless door design ruining dramatic exits
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We need a simple law which states that doors which you have to push should have a plain panel suitable for pushing on. Handles should be reserved for the side of the door that you need to pull.

I'm thinking specifically of doors to buildlings and offices, the sort that are never on the latch but you just push/pull your way through. Doors which are generally latched would have to be exempt - but doors to office buildings, shops, museums, and all sorts of public buildings have doors which you just push/pull to open. These are the ones I'm thinking of.

I may be particularly gifted in this, but I suspect I am not alone. I suspect that many people have been publicly humiliated by trying to pull open a door which opens the other way.

moomintroll, Nov 23 2004


       What about handles that are designed to unlatch a door? Would you have to get rid of those too?
Worldgineer, Nov 23 2004

       well... you can get push panels that connect to the latch, but I wasn't really including latched doors in this particular rant. Quick edit called for, maybe...
moomintroll, Nov 24 2004

       I suspect the doors are purchased with handles already fitted and before push-me pull-you details are established. it's then too much trouble to exchange a handle for a plain panel just to please the drama queens among us.
po, Nov 24 2004


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