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Illicit porn blocker

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Law in many areas requires a person to show due diligence in verification persons depicted in porn are of age. With photo sharing being integrated into so many sites, people are accessing photos that they can't really trust. People that view images on photo sharing sites could be putting themselves at undue risk.

Forensics professionals have software that can find known Illicit porn by metadata. They also have software that can find images by pigment and face shapes.

It seems a logical next step to take forensics technology and integrate it into a browser extension. Such an extension could scan images on photo sharing sites using forensics tools prior to loading, and would allow you to browse online without running into anything illegal. Illicit images would automatically be blocked, and administrators contacted.

EDIT: I have not looked at any of the comments because I'm sensitive about the idea. Playing with encase today, I realized that it might be too resource intensive for a home computer to scan every photo prior to loading, however, it might be more manageable if it would only occur on sites like flicker or free porn sites etc.And perhaps as an alternative It might be an option to put the burden on ion the image hosting site to scan every photo as it is uploaded.

bob, Apr 05 2014


       Refraining (with some difficulty) from saying spoilsport...I do wonder how this would work in reality.....for example presuming you might be talking of underage product, how is a program to guess someone's age?   

       Being English, I have to say "a friend" had some of hers tossed due to concerns about age.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 05 2014

       Who cares ?   

       Anything that makes governments look stupid and ineffectual is good, so [-].
8th of 7, Apr 05 2014

       Then, Shirley, you meant to bun this idea. I can't think of anything that makes governments look more stupid and ineffectual than attempting to block porn.   

       Also, this is hardly an original idea. Or a good one, but it's definitely not original.
ytk, Apr 05 2014

       Personally I am vexed by EXIF data, as I have to scrub it all before putting any kind of pic on the net..
not_morrison_rm, Apr 05 2014

       What [ytk] said.
Voice, Apr 05 2014

       Cum on guys! Don't be too hard on this idea!   

       Puns aside, I like it.   

       Essentially, the core of the idea is : 1) find out what algorithms the powers that monitor use. 2) use those algorithms in a browser extention to exclude you from stepping on a land mine.   

       Then, users can access nearly infinite similar material that bypasses those filters, more safely evading the big prude brother.
sophocles, Apr 06 2014

       Nyet comrade....   

       //algorithms the powers that monitor use.   

       Errrr, what does that actually mean? Eg my monitor is 240 v ac...or the powers ie those who monitor, or what turns up on the monitor (mine or theirs)?
not_morrison_rm, Apr 06 2014

       [not_morrison_rm] Wow, I really used vague language there.   

       What I meant to say, is:   

       Let's say the UK gov't is using a filtering function to catch free-speech advocates. (Like, going after Greenwald & his boyfriend.) That's not a blocker, just a catching algorithm. If we could figure out enough of that, we could put the same filter into a browser extension, to self-block our web traffic from getting caught.   

       It's like, we could put this in our /etc/hosts file to help us be more productive, & not get on our employer's radar: halfbakery.com
sophocles, Apr 08 2014

       This is a good iddea in itself but it touches on a bigger problem. Should the internet and acces to it be regulated at all? Sure it seeems wise to block content of a specific sort but next thing you know you can't even diss obamacare anymore if you wanted to.   

       Or do you want to give certain websites a first amendment zone tag.
zeno, Apr 10 2014


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