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Hands-free Ballroom Dancing

Keep your partner close and others at a distance
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The problem: crowded dance floors filled with indifferent, inebriated pairs resulting in elbow jabs to the eye and heel stamps to the achilles tendon.

The solution: a wide waistband with tightly wound spirals of wire, front and back, woven into the fabric. The spirals are electromagnetic coils powered by a battery pack the size of a fat wallet, placed in a back pocket or lady's purse, and connected via a discreet contol unit. By creating a positive charge at the front and a negative at the back, any similarly equipped partner with negative charges front and back is attracted while all others are repelled by their rear, negative charges.

An added advantage is that one's hands are free to gesticulate, give a back massage, etc. If everyone switches to positive at the front and negative at the back - Presto! a conga line is formed. If the waistbands are rotated 90 degrees - Yeehaa! Western line dancing in lockstep is facilitated.

Other uses could be envisioned for places such as crowded sidewalks, rock concerts or maybe for after the dance...

FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2002


       Line dancing is still around? I'd thought even those 60 IQ (I'm being generous) rednecks would have stopped by now.
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002


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