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Group Hooping

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A competitive sport involving a group of people and a large hula-hoop: at the most basic level the object would be to simply keep it "afloat".

More advanced would have the members moving in and out of the circle, multiple hoops, dancing, etc. etc.

Something on par with Olympic gymnastic sash dancing.

FlyingToaster, Dec 08 2010


       yup. More advanced, people could be on the outside, some could duck in and out... multiple hoops overlapping (picture an Olympic logo), etc.
FlyingToaster, Dec 08 2010

       + Not sure about the competitive aspect, but it would be very cool to watch a largeish group keep a hula-hoop (or several) afloat.   

       Speaking of afloat, might work well as a pool game.   

       I think there would be limits on the size / mass of the hoop. Might be kind of like a "wave" as performed at sporting stadiums.
csea, Dec 08 2010

       Nice Ice breaker at a patio party, or some other large space event. Maybe a board meeting (place table aside), or wedding reception. I like it. +
blissmiss, Dec 08 2010


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