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Hobnail Ballet

Art for the masses
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Having been persuaded, for the first time, to go to a ballet my sister has reported her surprise at the amount of inelegant clonking that emanates from ballet shoes. Maybe she went to the cheap version.

However, this inspires me to suggest that someone should come up with a form of ballet wherein the dancers wear hobnail boots. If a supposedly elegant and precise dance form is going to be accompanied by an irritating stomping noise then at least the dancers should wear some challenging footwear to justify it.
DrBob, May 23 2005

I saw the show a couple of years ago.....great fun. http://www.tapdogs.co.uk/
[normzone, May 23 2005]

clog dancing http://fp.millennas.f9.co.uk/wclogdan.htm
[po, May 24 2005]

I think mine wore soft shoes with pink ribbons AllBlacks_20V_20Eng...acker_20_96_20Sweet
[po, May 24 2005]

Entrechat or 'leg twiddling'. http://dictionary.r.../search?q=entrechat
[DrBob, May 24 2005]


       No, no, no. Tap dancing is something entirely different. What I'm after is standard ballet but with big boots on.
DrBob, May 24 2005

       What are those jumps called, where they twiddle the legs?   

       What colour would the boots be?   

       So many questions, sorry.
Ling, May 24 2005

       Entrechat is possibly Ling's "twiddle"
po, May 24 2005

       //What colour would the boots be? //

Standard 'workman' brown boots. Possibly somewhat muddy.
DrBob, May 24 2005

       Hob nailing on hob nobs, perhaps.
skinflaps, May 24 2005

       This reminds me of po's posting of a fusion of rugby and ballet. Ah... she's linked it. Good.   

       I misread this as 'Hobnail Bullet' and my first thought was... 'ouch'.
st3f, May 24 2005

       I think that they're banned under the Geneva Convention.
DrBob, May 24 2005

       I read the title of this idea, and I knew it was a [DrBob] idea. +.   

       PS: [po] you really do seem to know an awful lot about ballet for someone with such a dirty laugh.
salachair, May 24 2005

       Isn't there a clog dance in "Copelia"?
TolpuddleSartre, May 24 2005

       The floor boards of the theater are usually wood. Hobs will chew them up. Frowning theater owners. : (   

       Teflon coated aluminum planks would protect the boards. And put half the dance company in the hospital.   

       Perhaps the dancers could wear body armor.
popbottle, Jun 12 2013

       Ballet shoes, or slippers, shouldn't generally clunk, although they will of course slap after a leap. Pointe shoes, on the other hand, have a rigid toe box to spread the impact, and that will clunk.   

       I'll admit though I'm not sure I see a difference between this and tap or clog dancing. If the point is to make noise with your shoes, we have dances for that, the point of ballet is other, but some is inevitable.
MechE, Jun 12 2013

       //Ballet shoes, or slippers, shouldn't generally clunk//

I can only go with the information I was provided!

The difference between hobnail ballet &, say, tap dancing is that in the latter, the clever tippy tapping of the shoes provides a pleasing accompaniment to the dance & the music. In hobnail ballet it is a counterpoint. Or something.

I take popbottle's point about damaging the stage. Perhaps a nice covering of 1970's pattern linoleum over the stage would suffice?

Afterword grumble: Eight years I'd managed to get away without a fishbone on this idea. 8 years!
DrBob, Jun 14 2013

       have a + to make up for it.
po, Jun 17 2013


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