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Hands at 10 and 2 and no buts about it.

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An optionally installed sensor in the steering wheel that prevents acceleration beyond a certain point unless the driver's hands are properly placed at ten and two.

The idea behind it is that the presence of mind required to place ones hands just so will put a persons mind on the fact that they are going so fast, and hopefully focus the driver's attention. And if your hands are already there, then, well, great. Go you.

notmarkflynn, Nov 09 2009


       Well, I figured that's why I'd make it optional. I'm not saying "put these in every car", I'm just hoping a few forgetful leadfoots would find a use for it,   

       My brother is actually injured right now, and still drives his stick-shift with only one hand. Safely, for the most part, but it got me to thinking.   

       Anyways, thanks for the auto-bone,
notmarkflynn, Nov 09 2009

       I knew it was your anno by the first sentence, [21].
normzone, Nov 09 2009

       I am against this for two reasons. Firstly, the more electronics there are in a vehicle, the more potential there is for something stupid to stop it from working properly, such as shorting from the wiring draining the battery. So i'd be against this for the same reason i'm against electric windows, power steering and the demise of starting handles. Secondly, i can imagine this really screwing up things in an emergency, like that car breathalyser thing.   

       It also interferes with my agenda of me having total control over everything at all times, which can't be a good thing.
nineteenthly, Nov 09 2009

       10 and 2 are so 20th century.
8 and 4 are the new 10 and 2, so you don't rake your knuckles when your airbag goes off.
phoenix, Nov 09 2009

       Pretty soon cars will be so messed up only an idiot would drive one.   

       Hey, waitaminnit...
lurch, Nov 09 2009

       I just don't like this idea. Maybe it's a good idea and maybe it isn't, but I'm gonna bone it.
wagster, Nov 09 2009

       I prefer one hand at about 7:30. Easier to sleep with my arm on the armrest and stay going straight that way.
RayfordSteele, Nov 09 2009

       "BONE for mandating a particular driving style."   

       That's why I said you auto-boned. Because my first sentence states it is optional, and you gave me a bone for supposing it to be mandatory. You automatically boned the idea based on your incorrect assumption.   

       I'm sure you'll keep it boned anyway, but I still maintain my point.
notmarkflynn, Nov 09 2009

       In Italy, you're taught to hold the wheel at 5 & 7, hands inside the wheel, once out of town. Just saying - there's more than one perspective on this.
sstvp, Nov 09 2009

       In Italy they're arguably not taught much of anything with regards to driving from what I remember.
RayfordSteele, Nov 10 2009

       It was great fun. The driver's test involved staying above 160kmh on the autostrada (hands at five & seven), with a mustachioed carbinieri in the passenger seat, and his machine gun in the back.   

       Rumour had it that at one point in history you drove on the left in town, and the right in the country. I'd love to see some footage of that.
sstvp, Nov 10 2009

       <nemesis>Ludicrous idea, dangerous and stupidly prescriptive.   

       How will you drive with no hands at all, [notmarkflynn]? How?</nemesis>
dbmag9, Nov 10 2009

       Rediculous! 9 and 3 is the only way to drive!
DIYMatt, Nov 10 2009

lurch, Nov 11 2009


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