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Happy Birthday Mary Had A Little Lamb Game & Secret Code

See how quickly you can recite two songs or poems intermeshed together.
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Say one word from song A, then one word from song B, then the next word from song A, then the next from B and so on.

So for Happy Birthday and Mary Had A Little Lamb you'd recite:

Happy Mary birthday had to a you little happy lamb birthday its to fleece you was happy white birthday as dear snow Mary and happy everywhere birthday that to Mary you went and the many lamb more was sure to go.

Try it and see how fast you can do it and how far you can go before you screw up and/or decide it's a stupid game.

Hmm. This might also be a way to talk in code. Say whatever you don't want bystanders to understand intermeshed with a pre-determined song or poem. The person listening would mentally discard every other word and get the message that would sound like gibberish to somebody that didn't know the key.

So if you wanted to say: "This party is really starting to suck, let's get out of here."

you'd say: "Mary this had party a is little really lamb starting its to fleece suck was let's white get as out snow of and here."

doctorremulac3, Mar 19 2015


       Could be a good way to remember a password.
RayfordSteele, Mar 19 2015

       Resembles a variant on Pig Latin of our youth.
normzone, Mar 19 2015

       Yea, that's the basic idea.   

       This is mostly proposed as a kid's game but I found it was pretty challenging to do.   

       As a variant, if you could add punctuation on the fly it would be even more un-decipherable to those around you.   

       "Mary this had party a. Is little really lamb? Starting its to fleece suck. Was let's white get. As out snow of and here."   

       Super genius types could memorize longer paragraphs from the Iliad or something. I'm thinking that with enough usage the mind might be able to automatically filter out the Iliad stuff and hear this as easily as they would a second language.   

       Slightly more of a waste of time that learning Klingon but it might be possible to do.
doctorremulac3, Mar 19 2015


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