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Happy Face Button On Horn

Activates a friendly "toot toot" instead of an angry "HONK!"
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I know a friendly horn has been suggested before, and somebody even says it's been done, but I'm not finding it.

Therefore, adding a minor twist, the little yellow happy face button in the middle of your steering wheel that activates it, I'm bringing this up again. It's a great idea, everybody would use it and I think everybody would understand what the little yellow smiley face button was for.

It would be recessed so you'd have to stick your finger in it to do the toot-toot thing so you wouldn't accidentally hit it when you slammed your horn with the palm of your hand in anger or terror.

doctorremulac3, Nov 29 2013

From archive.org: Angry Honk, Happy Honk https://web.archive...k_2c_20Happy_20honk
[jutta, Dec 03 2013]




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