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Horn, complete

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The "Car Horn Tones" Idea does not go far enough. What if I want my horn to sound like a lion's roar, or an elephant's trumpeting? And the sound a humpback whale makes is strange enough to get anyone's attention.

Some other loud sounds of note: The firing of a large rocket engine. The noise an avalanche makes. The rumble of thunder after a lightning strike. The foghorn of an ocean vessel.

The car owner should have complete freedom to decide what sound-bite to play through the heavily amplified horn/speaker system.

As mentioned elsewhere, of course, the car owner does not have complete freedom regarding when to sound it. That's OK by me; the expressions on the faces of the listeners in traffic, when you do sound it, will be totally worth it!

Vernon, May 24 2010

Car Horn Tones Car_20Horn_20Tones
As mentioned in the main text [Vernon, May 24 2010]

horn complete, my ass http://www.youtube....watch?v=NjCPKsJwXTg
[zeno, May 25 2010]

Ahh, much better http://www.sounddog...08&SubcategoryID=32
[pocmloc, May 25 2010]


       //people aren't allowed to pick their own tones// That surprises me. Do you have a link?
mouseposture, May 24 2010

       "Everything not compulsory is forbidden," eh? Well, it may come to that, but I don't think it's gotten that bad yet.   

       I've searched the websites of four American states' bureau/registry/department of motor vehicles for "horn" and all I've found is prohibitions against "unreasonably harsh or loud," and, in one case "oscillating." There's considerable variety in "stock" car horns, & I never heard of any standards (like the California emissions standards) that manufacturers had to worry about. Moreover, "novelty" aftermarket horns are certainly widely known to exist -- are they illegal?
mouseposture, May 25 2010

       Yells 'Boo' very loud and suddenly.   

       We need those ground shaking speakers.  Then you could have Godzilla stomping and roars.   

       I guess 'Get your f'ing a' out my way' would violate the 'too harsh' rule.   

       If everybodys car horn had to 'quack' there'd be less honking, I'll betcha.
Mustardface, May 25 2010

       Everyone's car horn should be the sound of a polite cough
hippo, May 25 2010


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