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Happy Feet

Sorry, no penguins
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It makes some peoples' day, when they find a nickel on the sidewalk. Load a few coins into Happy Feet, and quietly place a single coin onto the ground whenever you like.

These are specialized shoes, and/or a mechanism that can be installed into the heel or sole of a shoe. I'm thinking a foot motion might activate the drop -- "scrunch your toes", etc.

Amos Kito, Apr 17 2006


       I don't need your shoes - I already have a special slot in my trouser pocket for dispensing small change this way.
DrCurry, Apr 17 2006

       are the coins loaded with superglue?
po, Apr 17 2006

// already have a special slot in my trouser pocket for dispensing small change this way.//

Which is also good for dispensing keys.
ldischler, Apr 17 2006

       and losing them...   

       his wife has the needle.
po, Apr 17 2006

       I find my thoughts heading toward the gutter, after reading Curry's anno. I really thought I would not be alone in this line of thinking.   

       Not being male, but having heard before about that "special slot in men's trouser pockets", I really was under the impression that slot was actually used for something other than dropping change. But the "small" seemed appropriate ;-P
blissmiss, Apr 17 2006

       The slot is for easy entry of the trouser mouse, for those who don't know. And as Dr. Curry has discovered, it can get expensive.
ldischler, Apr 18 2006

       so, it's more than just happy feet?
xandram, Apr 18 2006

       [po] I like your thinking on the superglue - it would make even more people happy (or at least experience intense schadenfreude), by allowing them to enjoy the frustration of the coin-finder.
coprocephalous, Apr 18 2006


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