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extruding shoe treads

remote control changing shoe treads
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push buutton shoe treads to help a number of problems:

Stepped in some dog poo? push the button and the shoe treads level out to the flat surface of the shoe, for easy cleaning.

Rock Climbing: push the button and the shoe treads change to high quality spike boots

Skater Boot: fancy skating along, push the button and skate along.

Roller Blades: etc.

Spatula shoes: for walking across deep snow.

Studs: for football

School Shoes: Boring shoes.

Trainers: For training???!!!!

gizmo, Dec 28 2001

Sneaker Wheelers http://www.toyopia....shop.asp?catcode=SK
Baked! (for the Skater Boot) [DrBob, Dec 31 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       how expensive are these shoes?   


       tell your family they do not need to give you loads of croissants, you earn them with your super ideas!
po, Dec 28 2001

       There is only my mum puts them on. (and me.)
gizmo, Dec 28 2001

       I can't think of anything worse than cleaning dog poo out of my kids shoes, I hate it. Good idea, it could also have a remote blade that skims the flat tread to scape it off. Yuck.   

       Or stab the dog owner.!   

       With a bunch of flowers to cheer him/her up.
vimto, Dec 29 2001

       No doubt [lewisgirl] would buy a pair or three.
cp, Dec 30 2001

       Go go gadget spiked heels!
RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2001

       The spiked boots might be good for playing football or kicking people in the face after the football, but would be useless for rock-climbing.
mighty_cheese, Jan 02 2002

       Good stuff.   

       Wear your wobbliest high heeled shoes on a date, without a worry. If your escort gets fresh, just jump out of his car, press a button and - presto - your high heeled slippers are transformed to track shoes, allowing you to speed home on foot.
robinism, Jun 19 2004


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