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lego slippers

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lego slippers that collect lego pieces and increase your height. a win win situation.

the soles of these slippers connect with lego pieces left on the floor. a little twiddling of the ankles and toes may be necessary.

guaranteed not to hurt your feet.

po, May 04 2016

lego slippers http://www.idigital...prevent-pain-490969
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, May 04 2016]

as above, different URI http://www.boredpan...pers-brand-station/
[Dub, May 04 2016]

James May made a pair, to go with the house. 5th Image http://bricks.inmov...-s-Toy-Stories.html
[bs0u0155, May 05 2016]


       Smart idea, and nice choice of category as well (+)
normzone, May 04 2016

       This is excellent.   

       Will left and right slippers be "bumps" and "holes" respectively?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 04 2016

Dub, May 04 2016

       um... you're not going to believe this [po], but, [link]   

       I do, [2fries] [linky]
Dub, May 04 2016

       Hi Dub Dub.
blissmiss, May 05 2016

       [Max] I visualise both soles as "holes" not "bumps" better for the flooring.
po, May 05 2016

       Hmm. Good point.   

       Incidentally, why do Americans insist on pluralizing Lego?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2016

       {waves} to [blissmiss]
Dub, May 05 2016

       [Max] "pluralizing"?! - surely "pluralising"? (also "do", not "to")
hippo, May 05 2016

       //"pluralizing"?! - surely "pluralising"?// I'm English, and intend to stay that way.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 05 2016

       This is a great idea, am amazed lego haven't come up with it alongside a launch movie. BUT what about slime? Its inevitable that when you're hopping and cursing after the lego impact, that your next step is on stray slime. Is there a catch-all?
notripe, May 10 2019

       [notripe] you remind me of James May's lego house. I think it included slippers. pretty sure I'd forgotten that when I wrote this.
po, May 13 2019

       Hi Po, lego slippers are James May's finest hour, you can't forget that! Not sure the same can be said for his new project though (Amazon-funded travelling around Japan). Here's a taster.   

       "...Heading off from Heathrow yesterday on the trip, James said: ‘Japan is the most amazing place I’ve ever visited. Everything about it is a surprise: a boiled sweet, a bullet train, an unexpected ancient temple, and the challenge of eating a single edamame bean with chopsticks.’.."   

       Amazon, cos its such a good idea that logistics folk get to produce TV.   

       Even without a parallel universe, I presume they also have an aging Japanese TV presenter heading off from Tokyo right now, hoping that London will shock him with wine gums, late trains, traditional/casual racism and the challenge of eating a soggy kebab from a damp bit of paper on a nightbus.   

       I suppose if Lego is the epitome of business success (plastic for £££s) that everyone aspires to (see artisan slime), then its not surprising that TV is giving death throes a bad name.
notripe, May 19 2019

       hi yourself [notripe], just looking for an e.addy and was amused by Star, pointing out you should be NOtripe and not Not ripe. I've always thought of your moniker as NOtripe. How ya doing faceache?
po, May 20 2019


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