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January Harvest festival

Make starch plus sugar from wood via hydrolysis each January as a festival
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Starch as well as sugar can be made from the acid hydrolysis of wood or grass Hydrochloric acid is generated from electrolysis of water to produce h30+ water plus bubbles of chlorine from Calcium chloride (winter walkway chemical)

The process takes an hour at 160C or maybe 70 hours at 100C with a big cauldron with a light lid covered with water to keep the emissions from fuming

January is of benefit as part of the fluid from the cauldron can be piped through the winter air causing wood resins to separate out from the coolness

Also if people get a huge surplus of food during January this gives them the peace of mind to use spring socially rather than agriculturally

Rather like the Vermont sugar season Each group of people converts about a ton of wood to 1100 pounds of sugar plus starch sufficient calories to feed three or more people

The apparatus to convert a ton of wood to 1100 lbs of food travels from each place of dwelling about ten times a month

If the cauldron is rather sought after you could call the festival springtober among the neighborly this could go with visiting plus sampling

There might be those that prefer a well lit season so the cauldron can be solar warmed with reflectors

Having created a years worth of food at the start of the new year with just 70 hours effort each little group can idly ignore spring planting letting the land return to ecodiversity carefully planting twice as many trees as they harvest each year

beanangel, Oct 23 2009

acid hydrolysis of wood http://search.yahoo...f+wood&fr=ush1-note
[beanangel, Oct 23 2009]

The Youtube video featuring a mechanism as a response http://www.youtube....ture=video_response
[beanangel, Oct 27 2009]


       I assume discarded Christmas trees are the feedstock here. Very nice.
bungston, Oct 23 2009

       I'll have mine roasted in garlic butter with a side of snot ice cream (I meant snow, but it sounded too funny to take out.)
Sparkyplugclean, Oct 24 2009

       well thanks for separating most of your sentences. At least I can read this one. Still don't understand a word of it.
dentworth, Oct 24 2009

       //don't understand// make food(ish) from wood. eat.
FlyingToaster, Oct 24 2009


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