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Hash Helper

Make a joint without burning your hash (cheaply)
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Take a brand new hand-held pepper grinder. Place several pieces of hashish inside. Place your papers or pipe on a flat surface and hold grinder at an angle of 20 degrees above horizontal and grind. Plus: Saves burning or applying heat to hashish so prevents premature evaporation of intoxicants. Plus: Saves burning your fingers trying to warm up little pieces. Bonus: Doesn't leave hashish all over your fingers! Bonus: Look forward to actually cleaning something!
liquidus, Nov 19 2001

New Scientist Marijuana Special http://www.newscien...ottopics/marijuana/
Well written, balanced reportage [-alx, Nov 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       nope :) doesn't gum up (just as oily coffee doesnt gum up coffee grinders) although it doesn't keep it clean !!
liquidus, Nov 20 2001

       Dude, this steak is incredible.
thumbwax, Nov 20 2001

       Or wrap it up in foil, and apply the heat through that...should make it crumble without burning.
-alx, Nov 20 2001

       smoke skunk; none of these problems. (Don't know what you call it Over There - leaf, or something. As opposed to resin.)
lewisgirl, Nov 20 2001

       Bake it into brownies. None wasted through getting smeared all through the grinder (your grinder isn't clean... what's it dirty with? Wasted hash!). None gets wasted via smoke that no-one inhales. People who don't want to partake don't get any second-hand. Bonus: tastes good too!
sirrobin, Nov 22 2001

       But wasted it will be - absorption through the digestive tract is around 30% compared to nearly 90% through the respiratory route.
neelandan, Nov 22 2001

       Isn't the whole idea based on being wasted?
thumbwax, Nov 22 2001

       Just to clarify what [sirrobin] said...it's the brownies that taste good. Hash tastes vile. That's why you make something really chocolatey to mask the flavour.   

       Eating is more pleasant, longer lasting, and doesn't muck yr lungs up. For that it gets my vote.   

       [neelandan] - are you sure that you only exhale 10% of what you inhale?
-alx, Nov 22 2001

       Tetra Hydro Cannabinol, alx. The active ingredient in hash, or marijuana, or whatever.   

       It is absorbed by the lungs effectively. But entering your body through the stomach, some of it gets broken down before hitting the bloodstream by which it gets to the brain.
neelandan, Nov 23 2001

       Neelandan: assuming your 90% and 30% figures are correct it is still only 90% of the active ingrdient that is in the smoke that you actually inhale. What about the THC in the smoke that you don't inhale? What about THC that doesn't get into the smoke? (Is the hash burned completely? Does the burning cause chemical changes to any of the THC?) When you eat hash you consume all the THC and (if you are right) absorb 30%. How much of the total do you absorb by smoking?

Looking at it another way: What alx said. One can get adequately wasted by eating and it tastes better , doesn't damage your lungs or force others to breathe your smoke. Isn't that worth a bit of potency?
sirrobin, Nov 23 2001

       Dear Sir Robin Hood,
If you are going to sit around inhaling pot smoke, or eat pot, and sit around staring into space getting super ideas that later turn out to be entirely silly, you might as well be smoking your lungs out too.

       If you care enough about your lungs you should care more about your mind and what pot is going to do to it.   

       It is good for an hour or so and then you are tied down by that drug for about a week.   

       I've tried it, and in balance it is just not worth it.
neelandan, Nov 23 2001

       Kneeling Dan: "...you might as well be smoking your lungs out too..." Why? Smoke inhalation makes me very nauseous. Brownie eating doesn't. The idea is to feel good. And what about caring about the lungs of others around you?

"...and then you are tied down by that drug for about a week..." You're using the wrong kind of hemp product. Or I've completely failed to understand what that comment means. In my experience any aftereffects (if any) are less severe and less long lasting than the after effects of a similarly strong dose of alcohol.

"I've tried it, and in balance it is just not worth it." Well that's rather a subjective point, isn't it. My tastes clearly are different to yours. I don't partake often (maybe once a year or so) but in my limited experience it seems much more worthwhile than any other drug I've tried.

And please don't call me Hood.
sirrobin, Nov 26 2001

       Who wants to get out of its influence, anyway? And 6 months to a year? Man, that must have been good shit back in the day, RT. It does take a wee while to get out of your bloodstream, I understand, but I've never found it to have as much bearing on my lucidity and intellectual limberness the next day as a night on the piss does. Indeed, I've always been rather disappointed with hash in the staying-power / value-for-money stakes. Seventy-odd quid for an ounce and all you get is a mellow buzz, whacked giggly-fits, and a sound night's sleep. At least with acid you pay four quid, and you get a twelve-hour light show, a simultaneous understanding of both the profound absurdity and the awe-inspiring splendour of The Cosmos And Your Role In It, and those nice, free flashbacks as a wee reminder whenever your life starts going mundane again.   

       <back on topic>Using infernal machinery in the craft of joint-building? Outrageous!
Guy Fox, Nov 26 2001

       [neelanden] The reason I questioned yr figures is that I find I get higher, for longer, from eating a spliff's worth than smoking it. Maybe it's my inhalation technique, as I can't stand smoking anything, so my body tends to reject it quite rapidly & forcefully.
-alx, Nov 26 2001

       I would suspect that horking up a lung would harsh one's mellow...
StarChaser, Nov 26 2001

       Never again, and may dan now stand up, sirrobin?   

       Agree with you on eating/smoking. I recollect one of my friends bragging about the pair of euro friends he collected just by lighting up in a quiet corner by the cinema. It has a characteristic smell that beckons to every user within range. A fistful of leaf cost the equivalent of a tenth of a us$ (over 20yrs ago).   

       It is said to be cultivated (illegally) in the inaccessible hilly parts of the state. There was a news item on TV a few months ago showing a patch being destroyed. A big bonfire, smoke rising in a steady column and a handful of uniformed lawkeepers in attendance.   

       Wonder if the high they got was legal.
neelandan, Nov 27 2001

       What State?

Back in the day, say 23-4 years ago - hash we had was primo - I believe Lebanese blond was choice - those days and nights lasted Centuries, I tell you. In 1983, I spent a month in Hawaii with 4 friends. Can you say 1/4 pound? Now THAT put a ranking full stop to things for a few years - I kiddeth thee not, I was still stoned for months. I'd have the occasional bit every few years, but all good things must come to an end, and they did and I am also done with cliches for this session.
thumbwax, Nov 27 2001

       Trust me on this one, brownies work well!
JesseOQ, Aug 02 2003

       I ate a bunch of Thai weed in Bangkok once 'cause I was afraid the smell would attract the wrong kind of attention. (In spite, or maybe because of its notoriously freewheeling reputation, the notices about drug offences are quite convincingly terrifying over there.) I didn't know what the right dosage was with this means of ingestion; I clearly overdid it.   

       Then we went on a daylong boat excursion up the river to the ruins of the ancient capitol city, Ayutthaya. The buzz I had exceeded any hallucinogenic before or since. In fact, I was a complete mess. I mean, I couldn't get it together to get up and get a drink of water. A nice Japanese man was trying to practice his English on me and I had him pegged for some kind of international drug cop who'd been tailing me since Tokyo.   

       Good thing my girlfriend was there to steer me around. I don't remember a thing about the ruins. Moral of the story: eating that stuff can get you really destroyed.
snarfyguy, Aug 02 2003

       You got pretty snarfed up, huh.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2003

       You could say that.
snarfyguy, Aug 02 2003

       //both the profound absurdity and the awe-inspiring splendour of The Cosmos And Your Role In It, and those nice, free flashbacks as a wee reminder whenever your life starts going mundane again.// i get that all day, every day and i dont take anythin for it
must me something in the water
did you know chickens lay eggs?and todai i saw this cat, whell actually it was two cats ant they were sneakin up on this sheep b'cos they wanted to eat it and they were my neighbours cats and he also has a duck called quackers (true story)
andrew1, Jun 01 2005


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