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Gumball Medication Dispenser

Fun for the children!
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When it is time for the child to take his/her/it's medicine :) the adult gives the child a special token, which is the only type of token taken by the gumball medicine machine.

The child then puts the token in and pulls the lever. The medicine, sealed insive if a small plastic ball, rolls around the track inside, and eventually get to the bottom. The child then takes the medication.

Hopefully, this would help children to take medication easier.

DesertFox, May 30 2005

Sugarcoating nutrition http://www.sptimes....ing_nutrition.shtml
I still like it. [FarmerJohn, May 31 2005]


       first bun was mine!
zeno, May 30 2005

Blumster, May 31 2005

       Oh boy, I got a yellow one! Uppers!
ldischler, May 31 2005

       //Oh boy, I got a yellow one! Uppers!// And what kind of twisted parents tells his child that 'Uppers' is a better word that fantastic or great?
froglet, May 31 2005

andrew1, Jun 01 2005

       Gumball Joint Dispenser. Fun for the (erstwhile) grownups.
crater, Jun 01 2005

       Good idea. We did a project similiar to this at university, encouraging children to do the things they should but don't like to.   

kuupuuluu, Jun 02 2005

       Hooray! Let's teach children that drug-taking is just like gum-chewing! Because we don't fuck kids up with our pills enough already.
disbomber, Jun 02 2005

       //Because we don't fuck kids up with our pills enough already//   

       You are correct in general disbomber, but I think you are wrong in this context.   

       Theoretically, this machine will be set up somewhere in a bathroom closet or something, under the supervision of the parents controlling it.   

       I would say that the effectiveness of this machine is based on the responsibility of the parents.   

       Normal forms for giving children drugs involve parents getting them from unlocked cabinets, that are "way up high." If parents really think that putting the drugs 8 feet off the ground will prevent their kids from getting to it, they are sadly mistaken.   

       I like this invention, because I think it guards against what you're worried about [dis] by being more secure than normal methods (since tokens can be much more easily hidden.) At the same time, it adds a "fun" element to the yucky prospect of having to down some gross medication straight from the pharmacists bottle.   

       Let me reiterate how much I like this idea.
Blumster, Jun 05 2005

       We have done this same theme in many different ideas. Bottom line is that the medical profession does not like medication for children to be candylike, in any way, shape, form or flavor. It should never be akin to a sugery sweet.   

       However hurried, impatient parents, who don't like to take the time to explain what it is the child is getting and why, and/or truely appreciate when the goo gets spit back at em, are far more easily swayed that the children will not form such a correlation, no matter what the pedi says.   

       Big pharmaceutical companies just want to make what you will buy, no matter what the danger, so tada...guess who wins?
blissmiss, Jun 06 2005


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